Facialmask Review: Facial – Wine Sheet Mask (Non-Korean)

These days you get more products here from Asia, like sheet masks. So I was wondering it was as good as a Korean sheet mask.
South-Korea is famous for it’s skincare and I wanted to test this but how? Well, I have found two wine inspired sheet masks and today we are going to test if the Korean sheet masks are still better or is it worth to try to experiment with other ones?


This mask helps for premature skin aging and it contains wine extract. I can’t get more info because I bought it in a store and you can’t get it online.


When I opened the package I immediately could recognize the smell: artificial grape. It wasn’t at all intense but if you have eaten Japanese of Korean grape candy then you know what I mean. This was quite pleasant...

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Facialmask Review: Skinfood Green Tea Sheet Mask

Green Tea Sheet Mask Skinfood

This mask is for sensitive, normal and dry skin. It contains green tea extract that helps to soothe the skin and provides cool moisture. The Green Tea extract hydrates and brightens. The sheet mask is made of  100% pure cotton sheet face mask

The Mask

The Mask

When I opened the package, there wasn’t a lot of essence in there which is not so bad. The sheet has a lot of essence in it, but not enough in the package itself to put on a cotton pad, so it felt like I was throwing my money away. I think if you squeeze out the essence before you are going to use it in the package with some cotton pad, then the price is totally worth it.

The smell has a herbal scent to it and not green tea. As a green tea lover, I was a bit disappointed...

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Japan New Year

New Year, 正月 shogatsu, is the most important holiday in Japan. Most businesses shut down from January 1 to January 3, and families typically gather to spend the days together. Every year is an other year, which means that the years ars completely separate. Every year begins with a fresh start. So they have bonenkai parties with the purpose of leaving the old year’s worries and troubles behind. Homes and entrance gates are decorated with ornaments. On New Year’s eve toshikoshi soba, symbolizing longevity, are served.

January 1 is a very favourable day, best started by viewing the new year’s first sunrise, and traditionally believed to be representative for the whole year that has just commenced...

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Facialmask Review: Anskin Green Tea Rubber Mask

This mask is for Sensitive skin, Skin trouble, Dark and Droopy Skin and Dry skin. This mask contains a lot of good ingredients; like green tea extracts inhibit skin oxidation that keeps your skin youthful, clear and helps maintain the health of the skin because of its rich ingredients such as vitamin E. The ingredient called Catechin contained in green tea prevents skin oxidation and suppresses the black mark generated from UV rays. The vitamin C ingredient in green tea helps to improve the skin to brighten up.This mask is a rubber mask that you have to make by yourself. You get about 7,5 grams of the powder and mix it with water until you have the right consistency that you are happy with. I always use a little bit more of it, so I can put a thick layer on my face...

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Cooking Cooking | Let’s make some kimbap!

And the first episode of Cooking Cooking is a fact!

Hi everyone!

Cooking Cooking is a show that gets us to try out recipes or make our own recipes and share it with you. We might fail, or we might succeed, that’s why it is called Cooking Cooking!

So we made kimbap for the first time! It went well, kinda. Let’s blame the minute rice we used instead of short-grain white rice, so you better use that!

We didn’t really have any measurements for everything that we put in our kimbap, so I will just list what we used.

For the herring roll:
-Herring (Haring)

-ham (doesn’t matter what kind and if you use it or not)

and for dessert!
-syrupwaffel (stroopwafel)
-hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles)

And d...

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Korean New Year

Korean celebrate two New Year’s Days. One at the start of the year on the Lunar calendar (Sonal) and the New Years day we know, which start on the first day of the solar calender (January 1st). But the Lunar New Year is one of the most important Korean holiday on the calendar.

New year’s days are family holidays. The Solar New Year’s Day is more traditionally celebrated with friends. The Lunar New Years day is a three-day event. Most people try to return to their family homes to spend time with and to honor ancestors. If family members are not all gathering in one place, then it also customary for the younger generations to visit older uncles, aunts, and relatives that live close enough and give well wishes for the New Year...

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Cooking Cooking [Christmas Edition with Elke]

If you have been in South Korea before, you may have noticed that most cafes offer a treat on the menu that looks a lot like toast. If toast would be served with a lot of whipped cream and fruit that is. They call it honey bread (허니 브레드) and it is super tasty.

Because we can’t stay in Korea all the time and buy this lovely treat, we decided to bring bread – well, -the Korean kind at least – to the Netherlands and share the recipe with you so you can make it at home!



For the honey bread itself

*sliced sandwich bread
*clear honey
*softened unsalted butter
*5-6 marshmallows (depending on size)

Used as topping

*stewed pear slices
*whipped cream

In honor of the Christmas season we added some festive toppings in this recipe, but you can vary these endless...

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#Cositivity | Interview met Teenjuwel Cosplay

img_1723-bewerkt-4Foto door Vincent Lee Fotografie

Wie ben jij en wat doe je in het dagelijks leven?

Hey, ik ben Teenjuwel Cosplay en in het dagelijks leven heet ik Zoë en ik ben 22 jaar. Ik ben een full time HBO-ICT student op de HZ in Zeeland waar ik mij vooral bezig houd met business & management. In mijn vrije tijd ben ik naast cosplay vooral bezig met fotografie, kijk ik series, lees ik comics of ga ik bij vrienden op bezoek en praat over van alles en nog wat met een glaasje rode wijn.

Wanneer ben je begonnen met cosplay?

Ik was het eerst in aanmerking gekomen met cosplay door een vriendin van school (KellyWoeshxD Cosplay). Zij heeft mij meegenomen naar Elf Fantasy Fair in 2013 en ik vond het geweldig. Ik heb toen nog niet direct iets gedaan met cosplay...

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#Cositivity | Interview met Haneeri

Persoonlijk ken ik Hanna al een lange tijd, en zie ik haar groeien met elke cosplay die ze doet! Tijd voor een interview met deze dame!

Foto door KJC Photography

Wie ben jij en wat doe je in het dagelijks leven?

Hi! Mijn naam is Yohanna, maar de meeste mensen noemen mij Hanna.
In het dagelijks leven studeer ik HBO vol tijd TMA (Trade Management Asia) en daarbij werk ik part time in de zorg. Naast school en werk ga ik vaak de stad in met vrienden of naar de bioscoop.
Verder kijk ik net zoals iedereen anime, lees ik manga’s tot ik erbij neer (in slaap) val xD.

Wanneer ben je begonnen met cosplay?
Ik cosplay nu zo’n 3 jaar waarvan ik pas dit jaar echt begonnen ben met zelf maken.

Foto door Kaleidoscopy

Wat was jouw allereerste cosplay?
mijn allereerste cosplay was Yoruichi van Bleach in ...

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#Cositivity | Interview met Linny L’a Vante

Onze Interview van deze week is met Linny L’a Vante! Ze is al jaren actief met het maken van prachtige kostuums en is sinds kort ook aan de slag gegaan met cosplay. Ook is ze, net als wij, van de Cospositivity, dus konden we deze kans niet laten liggen om haar te interviewen!

Phillostar Gone Ballistic 2 1024
Foto door Phillostar Gone Ballistic

Wie ben jij en wat doe je in het dagelijks leven?

Mijn naam is Linny en in het dagelijks leven heb ik een fulltime baan op een chemisch laboratorium.

Wanneer ben je begonnen met cosplay?
Cosplay zelf is voor mij nog relatief nieuw. In 2014 hoorde ik er voor het eerst van en in 2015 heb ik mijn eerst Cosplay gemaakt. Maar ik ben al sinds 2008 actief in het maken van Original Costumes.

Wat was jouw allereerste cosplay?
Mijn allereerste Cosplay was een Genderbend Hades van de Disne...

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