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YaYCon 2015

YaYCon 2015 Crime and Punishment!
Where: YaYCon returns this year to the charming Icoontheater in Amersfoort, a venue for youthful performance arts, musicals and much more. It’s at walking distance -about 5 minutes- from the train station Armersfoort Vathorst.
Leeghwater 1-3, Amersfoort, The Netherlands
When: The convention opens at 10:00 and closes at 18:00 on May 3th 2015
Tickets: HERE

YaYCon 2015 is the sixth edition of YaYCon – a convention that explores gender and sexuality in Japanese popular culture. At our convention, you will find a wide range of events, many of which are also suitable for mainstream anime and manga fans.

In 2015, we serve you a naughty theme – Crime and Punishment. That’s right...

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Tony Moly Super Peeling Liquid Review

Today’s Korean Product Review is… Tony Moly’s Super Peeling Liquid

Well, hello there. I’m a guest blogger and my name is Sofie. I’m also related to Muffy who you know as the queen of the internet web shops. I’m obsessed with buying things of Ebay and other web shops, but I was taught by the best. But getting to the point now.

Recently I tried a product which was a feet peeling. Normally I’m very sceptic about this kind of products cause whenever I try these they never seem to work or not work properly. How I think about this product will come later on in the review.

First of all I love Tony Moly, second I’m in love with Korean skincare products, I’m always quite fond of the quality and outcome whenever I use them...

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Hello Kitty High Tea

On the 14th of April we existed for one year and because of that we wanted to celebrate with the people close to us. As we were thinking what we could do to celebrate, we decided to choose for something we wanted to do for a long time: Hello Kitty High tea! And then it was the 19th. We met up with everyone on the Hague station and made our way to SET Café.

The feel of the restaurant is like an authentic Japanese restaurant. Even Tsunacon took pictures like they were in Japan.
We had reserved a table for 11 people, but as one didn’t show up because of reasons we still had to pay for that missing person, so be careful!

IMG_0845 IMG_0844

On the table there were cute Hello Kitty mugs and bowls. It was sad they didn’t have any Hello Kitty chopsticks!

When you wanted service, you could press the service bell...

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Antwerp Convention 2015

Antwerp Convention 2015
Where: The Antwerp Convention takes place in Antwerp, Belgium. In the Antwerp Expo complex, a venue that has proven its reputation as a great location for the Convention.
Antwerp Expo
Jan van Rijswijcklaan 191
2020 Antwerpen

Tickets: HERE

Antwerp’s one and only convention for Sci-fi, Fantasy and Horror-related computer & board games, costumes, toys, collectables, comics, literature, movies and other media. Coming to town again for its 5th edition! Join us for a day of showcases, interviews, lectures, autographs, demo-sessions, tournaments, screenings, gaming, shopping… and of course: meeting fellow fans!


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Charlotte Reviews: Oyatsu café

It’s been a while so I thought why not ? So here a review about a site that you may not know ^^ 


Oyastu cafe is a site where you can buy mostly Japanese snacks and some other products. The site doesn’t look that appealing but if you don’t look at the layout, then you see the huge amount of candy that they have for a cheap price. The website isn’t that well known but I think I really good site.



You have three options.  Japan Post Economy Airmail, the cheapest option,  which takes around the 2 – 4 weeks but with no insurance or tracking code. Japan Post Airmail, the second option,  which takes around  7 – 14 days with no insurance or tracking code. Then you have EMS Express Mail which takes around 3 – 5 days and with insurance and tracking code...

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Elfia 2015

Have you ever wanted to walk around in a magical world?

Lovers of fantasy, manga, Gothic, history and science fiction come together and have fun in the most beautiful costumes during Elfia around the Castle de Haar.

With a spectacular battle, parades, performances of medieval music groups, theater, all kinds of workshops and lectures you have two full days to wander around and take it all in.
The theme of this year is Game of Thrones. Have your photograph by HBO on the Iron Throne or come to the lecture and book signing by Josef Altin (Pypar).

The tickets can be ordered online until the 24th of april 2015 through; they are sold in the 400 Primera shops and kiosks* ( or can be bought at the cash registers of the castle during the Elf Fantasy Fair.

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It’s Cheemchi’s birthday!

Just before you know it, a year went by already!

Even though we started posting in English in February, it was in Dutch, exactly a year ago.

It all started when I knew Eat Your Kimchi was coming to the Netherlands again as I was working for Hallyucon. At that moment I started to form an idea about starting a blog where I could talk about Korean/Japanese restaurants, stores and the like in the Netherlands, but it turned out to be so much more. Even though I stopped for a while, I wanted to start all over again with someone by my side, that someone became Charlotte!


Old and new

10510183_10203068239165845_1879386504_n Poster-ideee

Since last year, besides a new member and the language, the logo has changed, we post three times a week (two posts about things and one event) and we have met a lot of awesome people.

As we already came this far, ...

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PAC-MAN Nail Art Tutorial

Hi there! I’m Anastacia, a friend of the people of Cheemchi here. Just passing through with a nail art tutorial. I often do my nails as a creative outlet, but also to just relax (nothing beats inhaling all those nail polish fumes, amirite? Just kidding, of course).

But no worries, we’re starting off fairly beginner level.



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[Convention] Tomocon 2015


This Saturday, the second Tomocon 2015 will be held! This time it will be in Etten-Leur with a bigger location!
There are more than 20 workshops and lectures and Cherry Pie Maid Café will be there this years as well.

DDR, dealer room, game room and of course the Cosplay Contest and the Mis(s)ter Cosplay Contest.

AVO will be holding a lecture about Japanese music, make sure to check them out!

Tomocon wants to try to set a World record how many people can do ‘Kamehameha'(mostly known from Dragon Ball).

Location: Het Turfschip at Etten-Leur
Tickets: You can buy them at the location if you want to go!
Website: Here (Dutch)
Facebook: Here (Dutch)

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[Cheemchi Academy] Chopsticks: Lesson 1

Hello! I’m starting with a new segment which is called the ‘Cheemchi Academy’. This is our first subject : Chopsticks.
Maybe you will think: chopsticks? Why chopsticks? Well, it’s that they are quite interesting and I can’t eat with them (seriously believe me, I have practiced for years and tried a lot. I got better than 2 years ago but still… and you saw my challenge with Steffie on CheemchiTV )

So here is our first lesson: History and sorts of chopsticks

The chopsticks were invented in ancient China. They were probably just for cooking and not for eating. Later it began to be used as eating utensils, because they were more friendly than other sharp eating utensils...

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