PAC-MAN Nail Art Tutorial

Hi there! I’m Anastacia, a friend of the people of Cheemchi here. Just passing through with a nail art tutorial. I often do my nails as a creative outlet, but also to just relax (nothing beats inhaling all those nail polish fumes, amirite? Just kidding, of course).

But no worries, we’re starting off fairly beginner level.



Please don’t mind my uneven nails. My ring finger nail always tends to be the longest and I’ve grown to like it. And I even broke my pinky nail just a few days prior, oops! I just realized I should’ve put Pinky on my pinky nail.. Oh well, next time!

Anyways, let’s get this tutorial going! To get in the mood, start this up in the background and get your tools! Waka waka waka waka.

The things you will need are:

- Base and top coat polish

- 7 different colors of nail polish (or 4 if you only want to do the ghosts with the squiggly lines as mouths!)

*Pink (for Pinky)
*Red (for Blinky)
*Blue (for Inky)
*Orange (for Clyde)

-Two dotting tools (one just a tad bit smaller than the other)

If you don’t have this, you can certainly use a toothpick!

-A tiny paintbrush or a black nail art pen (I got mine from Primark, but I believe HEMA started to sell them as well!)
*If you have neither; you can also use a toothpick for this!
*My own paintbrush is specifically for nail art but it’s fine to use regular ones. I’m using my nail art pen for this one though!

 -A piece of paper to sometimes drop a bit of white and black nail polish for your dotting tools (and paintbrush or toothpick!). It’ll work as your palette


Step 1:

Start off with a base coat on all your nails. This is to keep your nail art on longer, but even better: it protects your nails from staining them. I often had my nails stained yellow or blue because I forgot to apply a base coat. Not a lovely sight, I admit.

Step 2:

Starting off with the ghosts, use your red, pink, blue and orange to paint your nails, leaving your thumb nail blank for PAC-MAN himself. You can do this in whichever order you want.

If you only want to do the ghosts that PAC-MAN can actually chase after (and not get chased by!), just paint these four nails blue.

Step 3:

The ghosts have three tiny “legs” and to create them: get your paintbrush or toothpick (and drop a bit of black polish on a piece of paper to dip it into) or black nail art pen and add two tiny triangles on the top of your nail, like in the picture.


Step 4:

Now, you can leave it like this or add just the half of a triangle on each side to form the “legs” on the sides even better. (My apologies for the blurry picture, I didn’t realize my camera didn’t focus.)


Your ghosts will probably look like this now. Probably better. I think Pinky is a special one.


Step 5:

Drop some white polish on your piece of paper and get your biggest dotting tool! Or if you’re using a toothpick, cut it in half so you can use the middle of the toothpick (it has a bigger diameter compared to the tip/end). Add a bit of nail polish (not too much!) on your dotting tool/toothpick and add the eyes on each ghost.

If you’re uncertain on how it will turn out or you’re afraid you have a bit too much nail polish, feel free to try it out on a piece of paper first!

They look a bit creepy, don’t they? (Especially Pinky, she has a bit of a droopy eye, she certainly is special!)

Step 6:

Our ghosts need pupils so we’ll add them! (Unless you’re making the other blue ghosts, you’re your next step will be to add the squiggly mouth, add a top coat and you’re done with your ghosts!)

This time, drop a bit of black nail polish on your piece of paper again and dip your smaller dotting tool or the tip/end of a toothpick in it. Place it inside the white dots and voila, your ghosts can see! Let them look wherever you’d like; they can all watch PAC-MAN or just scan the area like mine do.


Step 7:

Your ghost are ready to chase PAC-MAN! So we need a PAC-MAN. Paint your thumb black, just like the background of the maze he’s always running through.


Step 8:

Get your yellow nail polish (make sure it is pretty opaque so you won’t have to add a lot of layers to finally see the yellow clearly) and paint your nail like seen on the picture. The black surrounding the yellow will be U-shaped.

Of course, if you don’t have a very opaque yellow nail polish, you can do this step in reverse! First paint your nail yellow and then add the black U-shape with your paintbrush, nail art pen or toothpick.

Step 9:

The next step is to add PAC-MAN’s mouth. This is easily done by adding a large triangle. Remember, the tip of the triangle will have to hit the middle of the nail polish because we will “erase” some of the yellow on top in the next step. However, you can always fix this later if you’re not please with it.



Step 10:

Let’s give this mister some curves! Add some slightly curved lines on the sides with your equipment of choice (paintbrush/toothpick/nail art pen, you get the drill) to shape PAC-MAN to his round shape.

I’m pretty sure the picture explains it better.

 11148040_10204864570028041_1639875865_o 11129672_10204864570148044_1871235529_o
Do this for both sides! Experiment a bit, if you want it a bit rounder, add a bit more black to do so. As you can see, mine is a bit uneven but I was okay with it. Like I said, just experiment!

Step 11:

Now get your dotting tool or that toothpick you broke in half and add a black dot for PAC-MAN’s eye and some yellow dots that he can eat.


Step 12:

Add a top coat to keep your fresh looking nails even longer and you’re done! Easy (and a bit time consuming) right?

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and have fun with it. Even better, let me see your results! I might come back for more nail art tutorials, so stay tuned.
Anastacia, signing off! o/

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