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Cheemchi Meets Youtube: Pauliene’s favorite Youtubers

You may or may not know, this month’s theme is about Youtube.
It will be about our personal favorite Youtubers/ Youtube channel, but we could only choose three.
So without further ado, here are three of mine!

The first Youtube channel that I like is Nerdy Nummies!


The channel is a nerdy-themed baked goods and is hosted by Rosanna Pansino (Ro) who loves to bake as a hobby.
Ro is an American baker, actress, and YouTube personality. She also released a single called ‘Perfect together’.
Every week she has a new recipe and a theme with it and explains how to bake and make it. Sometimes she has guests over such as Smosh and Rhett and Link. A while ago she even had Shigeru Miyamoto and Bill Trinen from Nintendo over to let them taste the treats and play some Mario Kart 8 with her!
I like to wat...

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Holland Festival with Hatsune Miku

The End
Keiichiro Shibuya + Hatsune Miku
Where: Nationale Opera & Ballet, Amstel 3, 1011 PN Amsterdam
When: June 4 – 5, 2015
Tickets: HERE

With 3D concerts sold out all over the world, more than two and a half million Facebook friends and a repertoire of more than 100,000 ‘user-released’ songs, Hatsune Miku is arguably the biggest pop star in Japan. Now she performs in The End, the first Vocaloid opera; an opera without orchestra or human singer, made up of 3D projections on multiple screens and electronic music.
The only performers on stage is the holographic animation Hatsune Miku, also a virtual animal figure, and – like any living being – Keiichiro Shibuya, a musician who is constantly looking to push musical boundaries.
Miku begins her journey with a question: “will I die?”. Because d...

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Japan Day Düsseldorf 2015

Japan Day Düsseldorf
Where: Throughout Düsseldorf
When: May 30, 2015

What is known as Japan Day has been taking place regularly in May or June in the state capital since 2002. Over the years, it has become a veritable highlight of the Düsseldorf event calendar. At the biggest German-Japanese festival of its kind, Japanese people living in Düsseldorf reveal the culture of their home country to visitors in diverse ways, and are intensively involved in shaping the festival. This is no wonder, given that there are around 8,200 Japanese citizens living in Düsseldorf and the surrounding area.

724_5142ffde1c5e 729_51488748aa9f
© Düsseldorf Marketing & Tourismus GmbH

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Cheemchi meets Youtube: South-Korea

Last week, we gave you a few tips who to follow about Youtubers who are living in Japan. This week it’s about South-Korea! And to be honest I really don’t know that much South-Korea based Youtubers. I love Kpop and the country, but I love Japan longer then South Korea as maybe that’s the reason I love Japanese based bloggers more? But anyways here are some Youtubers ~ ( and writing this article with Kpop is not a very good idea especially watching some old live shows with extra stuff)

My Korean husband

Nichola and Hugh are a married couple, who are living in South-Korea. She is Australian and he is Korean. She grew in rural Australia, while Hugh grew up in rural South-Korea...

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Charlotte Reviews: Wishtrend

Charlotte Reviews is back for this week and we are going to review a Korean make up site called Wishtrend!


Wishtrend has a nice and clean site. It’s easy to navigate. So I actually bought a box with the products, so I didn’t look up the product prices. I think they sell good products and they explain it really good with pictures and before and afters. There is a lot of information but just enough so there isn’t too much information about it. If you want beauty product, you could look up the products on there for the great information and for, of course, to buy the products.

Also I really like the box. Simple but still from Wishtrend.




You have three options.  Free shipping, which is the best (because it’s free), Registered Airmail, which depends where you live and wh...

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Cheemchi meets Youtube : Japan

Hello everyone!

This month, we are going to talk about Youtube. There are alot of Youtubers these days. You can cook with them,you can make stuff or experience their lifes, and we love it all. So we thought, why not making a blogpost about some Youtubers who either live in South-Korea and Japan or are Korean or Japanese.

Today we are going to talk about Youtubers of Japan that you could watch.

Sharla in Japan

Sharla is a Canadian girl who lives in Japan for 7 years. She recently said that she’s going to be a full time vlogger. Why I recommend her channel, is because you will learn alot about Japan. She teaches you about the culture and the daily life. This made me more want to go to the country. Also she loves food so you will see a lot of food related vlogs, but I love it...

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Cosplay Corner – Son of Ferron aka Nightfall

Hi everyone!

So, it’s time for another awesome Cosplayer in the Cosplay corner! Meet Ferron, An extremely talented and motivated fantasy cosplayer!

Thorin Oakenshield (Captured by Thranduil, Desolation of Smaug)
Photographer: Tessa Phillipa/ Shersock cosplay

Who are you and what is your cosplay page?
I am Ferron, and I am obsessed with costumes and cosplay/Thorin Oakenshield. My cosplay page is is Son of ferron aka Nightfall on Facebook, twitter, instagram and Tumblr.

How did you find out about the existence of Cosplay?
I was in college and my friends actually let me experience those moments by dragging me along to some of the cons, and I enjoyed it very much. Ever since then I always looked things up and kept searching for costumes and cosplays.

When did you decide to cosplay yourse...

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Animecon 2015

Anime 2015: Do Not Try This at Home!
Where: World Forum in The Hague
When: June 12 – 14, 2015
Tickets: HERE

Anime 2015 is the largest and longest running festival in the Netherlands for fans of Asian games, movies, comics, food and other popular culture.

Starting on Friday the 12th of June at 14:00 the continuous event program will entertain you until Sunday at 17:00.

This year’s highlights are the concert by BACK-ON and the first edition of our own international cosplay competition


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[Cheemchi Academy] Chopstick Lesson 2.1 : Japanese etiquette

Hello again and welcome to another chopstick lesson. Today we’re going to talk about Japanese chopstick etiquette ( more a fancy word for how not to be rude). The Japanese etiquette does also apply to the Chinese etiquette and the Korean etiquette but there are also some differences between them, but that is for another lesson.

So the Japanese chopsticks differ slightly from Chinese chopsticks and need to be more formally handled: don’t wander around with your chopsticks.

In Japan most of the time you have pickled vegetables (tsukemono) with your main dish. The tsukemono is usually served in a small dish or bowl and will often come with their own pair of serving chopsticks. Use them to transfer the tsukemono and not your chopsticks...

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Cosplay 101 – Make your own Cospage

Hii Guys!

Okay, First things first, I’m Nicolette, But most people call me Kaori, Kao, Moron, Idio— Ok. Just keep it at Kaori.. ! I’ve been swung into cosplay back in 2007, I’ve been cosplaying for a while, but it was only in 2013 that i became more seriously active! I’ve seen Chibicon going down and new cons starting up (a lot actually.) And i’m pretty new to the Cheemchi team! :D I’ve been there since they started though.. anyways, This will be my first cheemchi-crew-team-blog-thingie! \o/

So in the first Cosplay 101 i will be talking about Cospages .. Or Cosplay pages. I’ve seen them popping up everywhere! But why? Here are some reasons why YOU (yes you) should make a cosplay page

1. For yourself

You can make a cosplay page for yourself! It’s fun to see how much progress ...

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