Cosplay Corner – Son of Ferron aka Nightfall

Hi everyone!

So, it’s time for another awesome Cosplayer in the Cosplay corner! Meet Ferron, An extremely talented and motivated fantasy cosplayer!

Thorin Oakenshield (Captured by Thranduil, Desolation of Smaug)
Photographer: Tessa Phillipa/ Shersock cosplay

Who are you and what is your cosplay page?
I am Ferron, and I am obsessed with costumes and cosplay/Thorin Oakenshield. My cosplay page is is Son of ferron aka Nightfall on Facebook, twitter, instagram and Tumblr.

How did you find out about the existence of Cosplay?
I was in college and my friends actually let me experience those moments by dragging me along to some of the cons, and I enjoyed it very much. Ever since then I always looked things up and kept searching for costumes and cosplays.

When did you decide to cosplay yourself?
I think that was back in 2010, it wasn’t really a cosplay but more of a outfit I threw together myself for the first time, but after that I took cosplay further in my plans.

Thorin Oakenshield, Photographer: Denise

What was your first Cosplay?

O gosh, my first one was Legolas from lord of the rings, back in 2011!

What is your favorite cosplay and why?
Defenitly Thorin Oakenshield, I enjoy being Thorin, I have a BEARD. Okay besides that, it’s a character very close to my heart and I completely understand him. When the cosplay is on, I am not Ferron anymore (maybe a little) but then I am Thorin Oakenshield. I enjoy that cosplay very much.

Do you make or buy your cosplays?
I make them all by myself

What is your most expensive cosplay?
Thorin Oakenshield, definitely that one!

Dis, Mother of Fili and Kili and Sister of Thorin Oakenshield, Photographer: Linda Swinkels

Closet cosplay, Yay or Nay (And why)?
YAY, because its fun and also, you can see if you totally enjoy putting pieces together and make a cosplay out of it

Which cosplayer do you most relate with/Are you fan of?
I think on this moment, I very much look up to Hizsi Cosplay and Cage Cosplay. They’re amazing, their Thorin and Thranduil are spot on, I totally love everything they do and make. I like it when I can see that a cosplayer can make there own things, its very enjoyable and motivating.

What cosplay do you think you will never wear?
Fem Loki, or something that shows too much skin. ( I only cosplay men, dwarves and elves mostly)

Older kili cosplay (Mr. & Ms. Cosplay) & Dwalins daughter (Me), Photographer: Florian Merz, White Dragon Photography
(The dress and shoulder protectors were a gift from lady Dis to Kili & his wife)

What do you think is the most enjoyable about cosplay?
I think the satisfaction you get when its completely done! And what is even more enjoyable than finishing a cosplay is actually being recognized, when someone knows the character and they are totally thrilled, I think that is a part of it too.

Do you make your own props? If so, What’s your favorite material?
Yes I do, I mostly use worbla lately and its like magic.

Do you have tips for starters?
Don’t give up, we all started somewhere.

Any future plans?
On this moment Thranduil from the Hobbit, and Melkor from the Silmarillion

Pirate, Photographer: Black bird Cosplay

What an awesome cosplayer! She’s definitely worth checking out, So be sure to do so. You can do so Here! 

That’s it for today! See you next time ^^

Written by Kaori

Hiiya, I’m Kaori! I Love Kpop, Japan, Cosplay and Fantasy. I have too many hobbies and too less time for them all, but will keep up eventually! I’m pretty silly and mess up a lot! :D Nice to meet you!

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