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Charlotte Reviews: BB Cream Shop

This week is another online shop review. Today it’s about the BB Cream Shop.
bb creamshop


The BB Cream Shop is actually an Dutch/Korean beauty shop.

The site is very neat and organized. All the product are very well described, it’s nice to see the products are described in Dutch as well.The package was wrapped with BB Cream Shop tape and it was very clean and neat. I also got a lot of samples which I love to get.




The shipping costs depends where you live. Besides that you have also a starters price and a maximum price.

Letterbox mail 

For the people who live in the Netherlands, the price begins at € 1,50. With every extra product you buy you have to pay € 0,50 more. The maximum price is € 3,85.
So for example I live in the Netherlands and I have 3 products I want to buy...

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[Dutch] Fan Base Project 2015

Eerste editie Fan Base Project gaat de zomervakantie inluiden in De Broodfabriek in Rijswijk


Op zaterdag 11 juli vindt de eerste editie plaats van de nieuwe conventie Fan Base Project. De conventie zal geheel in het teken staan van comics, games, anime, sci-fi en meer!

De organisatie van Fan Base Project is in handen van Stichting Cultuur en Projecten, bekend van het organiseren van We Love Japan, KPOP FOREVER! en ¡Típicamente!. Door deze evenementen is het idee ontstaan om van deze mix een groter evenement te organiseren: Fan Base Project!

Voor bezoekers is Fan Base Project dé gelegenheid om met andere fans van comics, games, anime, sci-fi, Japanse en Koreaanse cultuur in contact te komen...

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[Cheemchi Academy] Chopstick Lesson 2.2 : Korean etiquette

Today’s lesson is about the Korean etiquette.

The Japanese chopsticks are mostly presented in a wrapper. The Korean chopsticks are rarely presented in a wrapper, so unless you have a little ceramic chopstick rest, you need to rest the “mouth” end of your chopsticks alongside the plate, the idea also being that the food end of the chopsticks should never touch the table. Never place your chopsticks parallel to each other across the top of a rice bowl, this is considered to be very rude. Also never place bits of unwanted food in a used rice bowl this is also considered very rude. Use the chopsticks to eat soup ( see also the Japanese etiquette), rice, peanuts and every other item on your plate...

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Review: Gamasot

Today i’ll be reviewing a Korean restaurant called: Gamasot. 

So I’ve been visiting this place for a long time now. I’ve also been following them since the start of the shop. I remember having a talk with the owner when it didn’t open yet (a long time ago). My friend and I were kinda creeping around the shop, since it was Korean but we didn’t know what it was. So Mr. Choi (owner) invited us in and we had a small talk.


After it opened, I’ve went by several times, and i gotta say i LOVE the food! The food is fresh and made with love. You can choose several dishes, such as Ramyeon, kimchi Jeon, Bulgogi and much more! My favorite dish is the Bulgogi. It’s fresh and healthy. The meat is nicely grilled and the noodles aren’t overcooked, they’re just perfect!


The service is great as well...

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Cosplay Corner – Steffy & Mimi Cosplay

And we’re back with a new Cosplay corner!
This time the awesome Portuguese/Dutch cosplayer Steffy from Steffy & Mimi Cosplay is here to tell us her experiences and opinions. Are you ready?!


Who are you and what is your cosplay page?
Hi! My name is Steffy and my cosplay page is Steffy & Mimi cosplay.

How did you find out about the existence of Cosplay?
Originally I was born and raised in the Netherlands. When I was twelve or thirteen I found out what anime was because I loved the show Shaman King on TV back then, but they stopped after the 26th episode, so I went to search on the internet how to watch the whole series, that is how I found out what Anime/Manga was. From there I often found pictures on the internet of cosplayers...

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Review: The End – Miku Hatsune

Hii guys!

Last week (on Friday 5th of June) i went to ‘The End’, a Pop-Opera performance of Miku Hatsune herself! It wasn’t like a concert, it had a story and had a pretty deep meaning behind it. Of course the performance was made out of holograms, with sound/music by Keiichiro Shibuya. The whole event was hosted by Holland Festival.

The tickets.

When I arrived, I noticed there actually were quite a lot of cosplayers, which of course, was fun to see. However, when you expect the audience to be more young, there were a lot of older people as well! It kind of made me wonder why they would like to see such a performance, sadly i did not get that answer.
The schedule was really on time. The doors to the area around the theater itself opened on 7:15 PM...

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