Charlotte Reviews: BB Cream Shop

This week is another online shop review. Today it’s about the BB Cream Shop.
bb creamshop


The BB Cream Shop is actually an Dutch/Korean beauty shop.

The site is very neat and organized. All the product are very well described, it’s nice to see the products are described in Dutch as well.The package was wrapped with BB Cream Shop tape and it was very clean and neat. I also got a lot of samples which I love to get.




The shipping costs depends where you live. Besides that you have also a starters price and a maximum price.

Letterbox mail 

For the people who live in the Netherlands, the price begins at € 1,50. With every extra product you buy you have to pay € 0,50 more. The maximum price is € 3,85.
So for example I live in the Netherlands and I have 3 products I want to buy. The shipping cost will be € 1,50 +  2 x € 0,50 = € 2,50 . But if you have 6 products, it will be € 3,85, because the maximum price of the shipping costs are € 3,85. It’s very simple.

If you live in Europe the price start at € 4,50 and extra product costs are € 0,75. The maximum price is € 7,50

Worldwide shipping starts at € 7,50 and extra product costs are € 1,00. The maximum price is € 12,00

Parcel service

For the people who are living in the Netherlands, the price begins at € 3,00 and the extra product costs are €0,50. The maximum price is €4,95

If you live in Europe, the price start at €6,95 and the extra product costs are €0,75. The maximum price is € 9,50

Worldwide shipping starts at €12,00 and the extra product costs are €1,00. The maximum price is € 20,00

The shipping was fast for me, because I live in the Netherlands and the company is in the Netherlands. I ordered it on a Sunday and it got delivered Tuesday, which was pretty fast! So I don’t know how it is if you live further. Feel fee to share it with in the comments.

Customer service

If you have experience with the customer service, feel free to share your experience.


The customer service is really great. This summer I went on vacation ( ofcourse if you saw my post ) and they a special offer. I comment it on the FB special and I still got the special offer after my vacation. This is really something. Also I went there and they were really nice and very helpfull. So if you have a question just ask them!

Down sides?

I think they are a really good company who sells good products and if you have a question,they will respond as quick and good, so I don’t have an complaint about them.


Shipping costs 4/5

Shipping time 4/5

How did it arrived 5/5

Extras 4/5

Customer service 5/5

Written by Charlotte


Korea & Japan Lover. Princess of the internetshops, waiting for a crown ( and prince charming)

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