[Cheemchi Academy] Chopstick Lesson 2.2 : Korean etiquette

Today’s lesson is about the Korean etiquette.

The Japanese chopsticks are mostly presented in a wrapper. The Korean chopsticks are rarely presented in a wrapper, so unless you have a little ceramic chopstick rest, you need to rest the “mouth” end of your chopsticks alongside the plate, the idea also being that the food end of the chopsticks should never touch the table. Never place your chopsticks parallel to each other across the top of a rice bowl, this is considered to be very rude. Also never place bits of unwanted food in a used rice bowl this is also considered very rude. Use the chopsticks to eat soup ( see also the Japanese etiquette), rice, peanuts and every other item on your plate. Eventhough it’s round , small or difficult you can´t use your fingers so you always use your chopsticks.

Chopstick korean

While rice is a staple, it is not necessary to eat every grain of rice in your bowl so leaving some is fine. Also, a sauce may be mixed with the rice, and the main dish may be eaten with the rice, unlike the practice in Japan. In South Korea, it is not appropriate to hold the rice bowl up to your lips: you should keep the bowl down on the tabletop, if possible, which requires you to do some serious bending over in order to eat it (that’s okay, but raising the rice bowl is not).

Common dishes may come with their own set of serving chopsticks which are to be used by everyone, one person at a time, to serve themselves or their neighbor by picking out the food from the main service and placing it on their plate. You must never keep the serving chopsticks after using them, put them back on the main dish after you’re done. But sometimes the dishes are presented without serving chopsticks at all. This means that you have to serve yourself with your own chopsticks

This was the Korean etiquette next time we are going to talk about the Chinese etiquette. See you next time ~



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