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And we’re back with a new Cosplay corner!
This time the awesome Portuguese/Dutch cosplayer Steffy from Steffy & Mimi Cosplay is here to tell us her experiences and opinions. Are you ready?!


Who are you and what is your cosplay page?
Hi! My name is Steffy and my cosplay page is Steffy & Mimi cosplay.

How did you find out about the existence of Cosplay?
Originally I was born and raised in the Netherlands. When I was twelve or thirteen I found out what anime was because I loved the show Shaman King on TV back then, but they stopped after the 26th episode, so I went to search on the internet how to watch the whole series, that is how I found out what Anime/Manga was. From there I often found pictures on the internet of cosplayers. I heard about a convention called Chibicon in the Netherlands a few months before I moved away to Portugal and attended it. I just had to try it for myself!

When did you decide to cosplay yourself?
After my first convention in 2009 at Chibicon, I never imagined that there were so many cosplayers, honestly I felt I was in Disneyland of Anime and Manga haha, I really wanted to try to cosplay to but only managed to do so in Portugal in 2010.


What was your first Cosplay?
My first cosplay was Sakura Haruno from Naruto Shippuuden. I did not know what to cosplay and I was watching Naruto so I thought it would be a good plan. Today I dislike how the show turned out but I don´t regret my first choice!

What is your favorite cosplay and why?
I don’t consider myself having much cosplays but I do have some and it is really hard to choose from but I must say Salsa from Eternal Sonata, because she looks very simple at first. But as you study her design you will find more and more details to choose from. It had so many materials, and colors, it was a good challenge to put different materials together and make it look good. It was a big challenge because as I thought I was finishing the costume, more and more details were found to put on the costume. I love the design of the pirate hat and even if she is smaller than me, she fits me quite well. I really love Salsa, she is cheerful and a handful to deal with, my friends probably say the same about me.

Do you make or buy your cosplays?
I make my costumes, I bought a few costumes when I started. My first cosplay (Sakura) was bought for a very good prize. I don´t think any difference of making or buying. If you buy, you are paying for someone’ s work. Someone might be making those costumes for a living, you are paying an artist. However, you don’t know what to expect. I make my costumes because it is cheaper (most of them) depending the materials, which I can choose myself. I can personalize my costume to my liking and to my body.


What is your most expensive cosplay?
Most expensive? Rachel Alucard from BlazBlue. I did this costume because my boyfriend thought I looked like her. I played the game and fell in love with her design. I used a very heavy and expensive fabric at that time. I must have spend between 300 or 400 euros on this costume. It was also my first big project, I did not know how cheap I could buy things, where to buy, the fabric could have been cheaper etc. But I do not regret it, I love that costume with all my heart and soul.

Closet cosplay, Yay or Nay (And why)?
Why not? We have all to start somewhere.. I don’t do it myself, because my clothing mostly has nothing to do with the characters I cosplay. I think the character I did most to a closet cosplay was Miku Hatsune of “Kocchi wo muite baby”. I already had the skirt and the black top, just had to sew red lace around the black top, white lace around the skirt and buy socks and a vest. I think it is alright to do so, not every character has a specific costume, and if you like that character and it is a pair of jeans and a blazer, go for it. If you have it, why don’t you do it?

Which cosplayer do you most relate with/Are you fan of?
I can´t really say I admire cosplayers, because we are all unique and we all have our flaws and perfections. Each cosplayer has it´s own style, and some have more fame than others. But a cosplayer I really look up to is Orochimarisu (Marlies;Liesje) from the Netherlands. Not only is she a good friend of mine, she always amazes me with her costumes and her acts. I think everyone could learn from her, I think she deserves more love.

What cosplay do you think you will never wear?
I could say cosplays where you show much skin? But I don´t think it is entirely true. I did some costumes where you can see skin: Kuroyukihime, Alisa, Homura, but I don´t regret them, al though Alisa is not my favorite one. But I really love Kuroyukihime and to cosplay my latest Homura Lucifer cosplay. I think you can adjust it always the way to your body to fit it well. But yeah don´t expect any Queens Blade or Hentai characters from me. I don´t have the body for it and it really doesn´t make me feel good when showing that much skin, but when I love the character and costume I try to make it work out somehow.


What do you think is the most enjoyable about cosplay?
Everything! You can enjoy everything about cosplay! The art of learning to craft, learning to sew, which is also useful outside cosplay. Making friends, meeting new people, meeting new countries. I already went to three different countries because of cosplay, it is not much but it is a beginning! I can see so many difference of communities. I met my boyfriend through cosplay! And it has been four years now, we live together, have a life together. There are so many things that I enjoy of cosplay. I usually did not use much make up, a bit of black pencil was enough. Now I have to begin to think what kind of make-up I have to use. How I should pose. You become a whole different person, but still you remain yourself.

Do you make your own props? If so, What’s your favorite material?
If I say yes it would be a lie. My boyfriend does make most of my props, he is talented. But I am learning. He made the base of my Kuroyukihime Wings, made it work on my back but I did the rest. I cut the wings, painted them, decorated them. The same goes for Homura´s wings. I do small props myself, but with swords, keyblades and weapons I can count my boyfriend. The material I use the most is Eva Foam and Wallmate, easy materials and they do the trick, also a lot of white glue, lots of white glue.

Do you have tips for starters?
Everyone starts low. What you think might be impossible can be easy one day. You have to start somewhere, have fun in what you do, put love in what you do and don´t give up. But most importantly always stay positive and have fun in what you do. Don´t be afraid to ask fellow cosplayers, friends, cosplayers who might have more experience, family members who know how to sew or to make props, you are always learning,with each costume you make, you are learning.


Any future plans?
That is a pretty vague question for a cosplayer, haha. Lots of them! Trying to fulfil them bit by bit. Let´s see if I can do Tauriel of the Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug and Daenarys of Games of Trones at Comic Con Portugal. It sure would make me happy, I am in love with both characters. It will be a big challenge, especially Tauriel. I am a complete Hobbit fan so I need to do her justice!

What an awesome story and we sure can’t wait for the upcoming cosplay plans.  Check out this talented cosplayers’ page here! :D  That’s it for this Cosplay Corner! See you later!

Written by Kaori

Hiiya, I’m Kaori! I Love Kpop, Japan, Cosplay and Fantasy. I have too many hobbies and too less time for them all, but will keep up eventually! I’m pretty silly and mess up a lot! :D Nice to meet you!

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