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Heartland Stories: Robocity

At Animecon, a few weeks back, I bought the comic book ‘Heartland Stories: Robocity’ at the stand of Dark Dragon Books. And the person next to that stand was none other than Marlon Teunissen herself!

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I have been following her work for a while now, and she made the chibis for our Crew page. She is one of my favorite artists around!

But back to Robocity, I absolutely loved the story.
It’s about Sophia, who’s stuck in the middle of the desert with her bike where she forgot to put gas in. Then she stumbles upon a door that leads to a city with robots. But when she wants to enter, she’s faced with a problem: there are no humans allowed! As she dresses up as a robot, she gets entrance to the city...

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Cheemchi meets Youtube: Muffy’s favorite YouTubers

I showed you my favorite YouTubers from Japan and South-Korea, but I also love some other YouTubers. And I know it’s late but better late than never, YouTubers so here are some of my favorite YouTubers!


Dan & Phil

Danisnotonfire and the Amazingphil live in London and they make video’s about a lot of thing, but most times it’s about their crazy lives. I really love those two and their video’s. If they don’t make you laugh, then I don’t know what’s funny. These two ( especially one ) are actually my favorite YouTubers, besides all the Japanese YouTubers. But you should check them out!


Raedwulfgamer is (Obviously) a gamer. You have a lot of gamers, but I like him the most...

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