Asian Tour in France, Muffy on Vacation !

Hello everybody !

How is/was your summer vacation?

Well, mine was very good! On my vacation, I always search for Japanese or Korean stuff and since a few years they have a lot of anime. Back then I was really surprised to see something from Naruto. From that it started to grow bigger and bigger. So I want to talk with you what I discovered this year.

Every year I go on search for Anime, Japanese or Kpop related magazines. If you want find some you will have to go a shop which sells magazines and sometimes at the Hypermarché. Search in the ‘teenager’ section ( I think it’s called adolescent there) and you will find Japan and Anime related magazines.


In the supermarché you find more Japan/Anime related things. In the school season you will find for example anime agendas, but you will also find manga. Even in the smallest supermarché there will be a chance. In the hypermarché or just a bigger supermacrhé you have an Asian section with a lot of Japanese products like ramen, soba but also sauces and seasoning. Sometimes they have also section (close by where they sell ‘fresh’ fish ) with sushi, which they make them self. Here you also can find seasoning and sometimes also drinks like Ramune. But every supermarché is different but I always go to those section to search for new things. The only thing you not find that easy are Korean products.


This year we had a hypermarché in the area. So I sniffed around and they had a really large section of Japanese products. What even surprised me was that they had some Korean products,though it were only noodles.

In France you have also the FNAC. FNAC is an multimedia shop with books, cd’s and more. The FNAC has a really big Manga section with even art books for a normal price. The only downside here is all the manga are in French. For me I can understand it because when I want to buy a manga I already read the manga in English or Dutch. But it’s really funny to see how much manga they have.



Well this article is more about France in general. In Paris you will more find Anime shops and even Kpop shops. But you never know what they have and if you have the time to look around, then there will always be something interesting. That’s how I found the Kpop magazines a few years ago. But this year it was very hard to find them. On the way back I found them in a Supermarché and I was very happy. So I hope you will look around next time when you are in another country because you will never know what to find ^^.



Written by Charlotte


Korea & Japan Lover. Princess of the internetshops, waiting for a crown ( and prince charming)

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