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Cheemchi at Fan Base Project 2015

This post and video are long overdue and I blame my pc for not having any proper video editting programs..
BUT finally a video of Fan Base Project 2015!

It was awesome seeing a lot of familiar faces: Airu Bubble tea, Kelly-Ebony’s, Atelier World Citizen and lots more!
I hope to film some more in the near future because I love to edit and show things.

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[Cheemchi Academy] Chopstick Lesson 3

Hello everyone! If you are like me, and can’t eat with regular chopsticks, here are some chopsticks you CAN eat with. These chopstick I call: cheat chopsticks

You have several types. Here is my collection and experiences.

The animal holder.


These ones are really cute, but not really functional. It holds the ends together, but for me the problem is that I can’t control the eating part of the chopsticks so if you are like me I advise you not to buy it. If you can eat with chopsticks, then it’s very cute to have these but I can’t eat with them.

 The ‘child-but-now-in-adult-form’ chopsticks.


These chopsticks are actually children’s chopsticks. In this way children learn how to eat with them. But they also have these chopsticks in adult size, so you can learn it also...

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Game review: Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New world

Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New world
Developers: Namco Tales Studios
Publisher: Namco Bandai
Platforms: Wii & PlayStation 3
Genre: Role playing video game
Modes: Single-player & Multiplayer



The game starts in a small town of Sylvarant, Palmacosta. It’s caught in a crossfire between the Church of Martel and the Vanguard. Countless of innocent people die. The happenings on this day comes to be known as the „Blood Purge”. This same massacre was led by the same Lloyd Irving who helped the chosen of regeneration and united the worlds as one two years earlier. Emil Castagnier, A boy from Palmacosta, Sees how Lloyd kills his parents right in front of him. At that time Marta Lualdi is fleeing from the Vanguard wielding a gem called, Rattatosks core...

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Abunai Haul!

Last weekend was the Anime convention Abunai!

If you go to an Anime convention, you always have to spend some money. Although you didn’t bring any money or you didn’t want to spend that much, there are some people who don’t have that problem. Of all the years going to an anime convention I never spend that much. So that’s why I  amgoing to show what I bought to you and give a review about some of the stuff.

This time, I had some missions. As I have a lot of small figurines, I had the plan to buy bigger ones this time. Second mission: Since I’m such a Sailor Moon fan and I couldn’t read the manga further ( because of the weird parts in the chapters online, if you read it online you will know) I wanted to buy the manga. The last mission was Ramune curry...

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