Abunai Haul!

Last weekend was the Anime convention Abunai!

If you go to an Anime convention, you always have to spend some money. Although you didn’t bring any money or you didn’t want to spend that much, there are some people who don’t have that problem. Of all the years going to an anime convention I never spend that much. So that’s why I  amgoing to show what I bought to you and give a review about some of the stuff.

This time, I had some missions. As I have a lot of small figurines, I had the plan to buy bigger ones this time. Second mission: Since I’m such a Sailor Moon fan and I couldn’t read the manga further ( because of the weird parts in the chapters online, if you read it online you will know) I wanted to buy the manga. The last mission was Ramune curry. This is new in the western Ramune collection. Since I collect all the flavors ( and wants to taste them all) I had to buy it.

At the first day I bought the sailor moon Miracle Romance Shining Powder, curry ramune and sailor moon figurine.

Abunai haul 2

Abunai haul 3

My mission was almost complete.
The compact had a really good price and I was looking for a long time! I’m really happy I got it now.
At the some shop I bought the curry ramune. If you want to try this flavor to go tofucute.
I also got some Uta no Prince sama straps. Since you really don’t have that much stuff of Uta pri, I always search for it and the shop RUNURI has a lot of Uta no prince sama. Also a lot of free and other good looking boy anime stuff. Check out RUNURI

Abunai haul

The second day I bought an other figurine Kuroneko ( ore no imouto ga konna ni kawaii wake ga nai ). I really love this anime and I have already an nendroid of Kirino. So I had to buy her.

Abunai haul 4

On the third day I finally found some Sailor Moon manga that I needed. I always found  1, 2 and 7 but never 10+ . It could have been me but I didn’t saw it.

Abunai haul 5

And so I completed my mission. I also bought some other stuff and some yummy snacks. I’m very happy with what I bought and So this year I really spend a lot. Abunai was really fun this year and I can’t wait until the next convention. 

If you want to see some awesome pictures go to Wowbeatdesigns! And if you want a more detailed story written by someone who went to her first anime convention ( with me )  go to wowbeat~

Written by Charlotte


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