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Photo’s: Seasonal K-pop Meeting Fall Edition 2015

Pauliene & Nicolette (Kaori) have been to the Seasonal K-pop Meeting today! :D An event filled with K-pop and fun. You can meet up with old friends and make new ones! We had a lot of fun. We also went to get Yoyo! bubble tea with the special discount code, which was specifically for the visitors of SKM. Here are our pictures from the SKM Fall edition! (we didn’t take that much pictures, Sorry!)

If you wish to get a picture on Full size, please send a message to our Facebook page! :) 

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Product Review: Lioele Pore Clean & Tightening pack

Hello again and welcome to the end of this series. If you missed the Massage gel and the Blackhead Clear, go check that out first~

The packaging

The packaging is also like the first two but colors a switched. I personally think it’s very smart becauseit is a sort of series of products to use and it is also good to use as a single product. You don’t have to use the other two product to use this. Also the illustration is another place than the nose so you can use it on your whole face. Like the other products, it has an English description on it. If you are a foreign user like me you can know how to use it without looking on the internet. Also the pot has a really cute detail which makes it more fun to use. The product also has a spoon to apply the mask without using your fingers.

Masker 1

The produ...

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Review: Petitfee Gold Eye Patch

Nicolette reviewed the Petitfee Gold Eye Patch product from Korean Connection!

We have a discountcode for you all that you can use!
The code is: cHeEmChI
You can use that code until November 21, that’s the day when you can find Korean Connection on Cheemchi Fair.

It is extremely sensitive, so just copy + paste it on their website.

Have fun!

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Infinite in Berlin

As many of you might have known, Infinite was in Berlin on the 11th of October.

We were at the concert and you can read all about it here!

When we arrived at the Columbiahalle in Berlin, it looked rather small. There were 3 rows. CAT1, CAT2 and CAT3 were divided. This was easier to get in. At the entrance of the venue, there was a small check point to see if you carry any weapons or liquids. After passing through, you entered the halls. It was a rather small place and there were no chairs or whatsoever. In the left corner you had a bar and a place where you could get some food like Pretzels.

At the beginning, they were playing Infinite MV’s on a big screen. The concert itself started perfectly on time around 19:30 (7:30 PM).
Infinite was amazing...

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Product Review : Lioele Blackhead Clear

This is the second post in our product review series. If you missed the first one, Lioele Pore Opening Massage gel, please check out that post.

The packaging 

The packaging is almost the same as the gel, but now it contains more pink. Again, it’s very simple and a little bit boring. When the packaging is boring the product has to be good ( you don’t have to sell the product because of the looks). The tube is completly pink with on the front English text what the product does to your skin. On the packaging are the English intructions.

Black head clear 1

The product

It is a sort of a serum that you put on a tissue that will make a sort of mask for your nose. The first time I was using it, I thought okay.. It didn’t look like is was going to work. When I saw the result I was very surprised...

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Cheemchi discovers Chubi [CheemchiTV]

Here is an unboxing video!
We are starting to love Molang, but we did say the name all wrong. Shame on us.

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Charlotte’s Manwha recommendations

Some of you know I read a lot of manga.

And I also read manhwa, which I prefer to read. So I decided to write about some manwha’s you maybe don’t know.

Family manFamilyman

This manwha is about a father (Gang-ho) who worked like a horse and slept only 3 hours a day to support his family. There was a fire at the workplace and he helped alot of his coworkers and got burned. He got fired from his work and he couldn’t show his face to his family anymore. He struggled a lot because he still wants to protect his family, so he decided to wear the costume of superhero, “Guru-man” to help his childeren. This manwha has a lot of drama in it and made me cry a bit. It’s really sad and also heartwarming to see how he is dealing with all the stuff. If you want to know how it’s ends click here.

Can’t see can’t h...

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Product Review : Lioele Pore Opening Massage gel

So this is a product review series of Lioele Pore cleaner. I have three products that will open my pores, clean my blackheads and clean en tightening my pores. Today we have the first product in line, which is the Pore Opening Massage gel.

The packaging 

The packaging is very simple and almost boring. But it’s a beauty product, so it doesn’t have to look good. The tube has the same style as the packaging. There is an English instruction on the package, so don’t throw that away! It’s very handy for foreign users like me and a lot of lioele has an English description on it.


The product

The product smells very nice. It smells like oranges, well the artifical smell but it smells good. When you put it on your fingers to apply, it doesn’t do anything and it feels very sticky...

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Review: I’m from Honey Mask

So today it’s the first day of SPAMTOBER!

We will explain more at the end of the post.

The ‘I’m from’ Honey mask is a face mask with real honey and they say it’s really good for your skin. I love to test products and I got this in my Sharla box from Wishtrend.

The product.IMG_0999

The box is really nice! It’s has a clean white box, but with a honeycomb pattern on it. You also get it with a spoon so you can apply it without using your fingers. The jar has more of an organic look. I also like the little bee as detail.


So I tried it and let me say. I don’t like honey and the product doesn’t smell that nice. It doesn’t smell like honey honey but that is my opinion because someone else really likes it. The product is also very sticky. But with the spoon it’s easier to apply...

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