Infinite in Berlin

As many of you might have known, Infinite was in Berlin on the 11th of October.

We were at the concert and you can read all about it here!

When we arrived at the Columbiahalle in Berlin, it looked rather small. There were 3 rows. CAT1, CAT2 and CAT3 were divided. This was easier to get in. At the entrance of the venue, there was a small check point to see if you carry any weapons or liquids. After passing through, you entered the halls. It was a rather small place and there were no chairs or whatsoever. In the left corner you had a bar and a place where you could get some food like Pretzels.

At the beginning, they were playing Infinite MV’s on a big screen. The concert itself started perfectly on time around 19:30 (7:30 PM).
Infinite was amazing. They sang some of their most famous songs such as Be Mine, Last Romeo and Paradise. The fans were also treated with a new song called “For you”. As if that wasn’t enough we also got the see the official MV of Last Romeo. The dances were as good as on the screen (at home). Sadly Hoya got an injury and couldn’t dance along, However to make it up he tried to speak a little German. All by all it was an amazing experience! Beside the amazing concert, our stay in Berlin was great as well! If you ever happen to visit Berlin, make sure to order some bratwurst mit zwiebeln (Bratwurst with onions) because I swear that is delicious~ (Noticed the To-Heart hint?)


And now it’s time to throw some pictures (The Woohyun heart-throw way ofcourse..) ! :D

Please do not take these pictures without giving credits! 


Written by Kaori

Hiiya, I’m Kaori! I Love Kpop, Japan, Cosplay and Fantasy. I have too many hobbies and too less time for them all, but will keep up eventually! I’m pretty silly and mess up a lot! :D Nice to meet you!

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