Product Review : Lioele Blackhead Clear

This is the second post in our product review series. If you missed the first one, Lioele Pore Opening Massage gel, please check out that post.

The packaging 

The packaging is almost the same as the gel, but now it contains more pink. Again, it’s very simple and a little bit boring. When the packaging is boring the product has to be good ( you don’t have to sell the product because of the looks). The tube is completly pink with on the front English text what the product does to your skin. On the packaging are the English intructions.

Black head clear 1

The product

It is a sort of a serum that you put on a tissue that will make a sort of mask for your nose. The first time I was using it, I thought okay.. It didn’t look like is was going to work. When I saw the result I was very surprised. Most of them, the blackheads, had faded away and the bigger ones were still there. But when I used it more ( plus my other skin care product I use in my routine ) they also went away. At the beginning, there is a chance that the mask will slide of your nose, but when the product is getting in your skin ( sorry for making that scary ) it will not slide anymore. After 15 ~20 minutes, you can take it off and you can put the next product on your face!

Black head clear 2


I was very sceptical and I still am. Maybe because I want to see the result on something like on the pore strip. I haven’t used it that much to give a really good review about it but I think it’s better for your skin than a pore strip. So I think although it let’s bigger ones fade away, it’s a more a skin friendly product and that’s what we want more. It really made my skin soft, and a black head free skin makes me happy, so it’s a good product.

If you want get this product go to I have made a blog post about the shop, so check that out. It’s a really good shop and ships all over Europe ~

See you in the next and last post of this Lioele Pore Clean series ~


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