Product Review: Lioele Pore Clean & Tightening pack

Hello again and welcome to the end of this series. If you missed the Massage gel and the Blackhead Clear, go check that out first~

The packaging

The packaging is also like the first two but colors a switched. I personally think it’s very smart becauseit is a sort of series of products to use and it is also good to use as a single product. You don’t have to use the other two product to use this. Also the illustration is another place than the nose so you can use it on your whole face. Like the other products, it has an English description on it. If you are a foreign user like me you can know how to use it without looking on the internet. Also the pot has a really cute detail which makes it more fun to use. The product also has a spoon to apply the mask without using your fingers.

Masker 1

The product

It’s a gray mask which gets harder, just like a mud mask. It has a certain smell to it that I can’t really describe but that smell is quite strong. But when you’ve got it on your face you won’t smell it. After you applied it, you have wait 10 ~ 15 minutes. When it’s time to clean you face, the easiest way is with lukewarm water. A tip: leave some on your face because the product will make your towel gross and some people will not like that ( like my mom ).



After the mask, my skin feels very soft and clean. I think this will be also a very good product for people with larger pores and I think the mask will make them smaller. If you have larger pores and you use this product, please leave a comment in the comment section. After using all of the product my nose feels very soft and less oily for a few days ( and if you a have a skincare routine the feeling will contain longer ) with less blackheads. Nothing will make the blackheads completely gone in one try, but if you do this a few times in a month it will definitely give a good result.



If you want to buy these product here are some links

Massage gel:

Blackhead Clear:

Pore Clean & Tightening pack:–tightening-pack

I bought these products at, one of the best Korean Make up skincare stores in Europe. It’s a really good shop which you should check out if you are interested in more skincare products or make up!


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