Product Review : Lioele Pore Opening Massage gel

So this is a product review series of Lioele Pore cleaner. I have three products that will open my pores, clean my blackheads and clean en tightening my pores. Today we have the first product in line, which is the Pore Opening Massage gel.

The packaging 

The packaging is very simple and almost boring. But it’s a beauty product, so it doesn’t have to look good. The tube has the same style as the packaging. There is an English instruction on the package, so don’t throw that away! It’s very handy for foreign users like me and a lot of lioele has an English description on it.


The product

The product smells very nice. It smells like oranges, well the artifical smell but it smells good. When you put it on your fingers to apply, it doesn’t do anything and it feels very sticky. When you apply, it gets really hot. It’s not like your nose is on fire, but more sort of steaming? It’s very hard to describe, but you feel that it’s getting hot. When you have applied it on your face, you have to massage it in for 1 ~2 minutes and get it off with a tissue or a luke warm towel. I recommend the towel. This is easier but a tissue will also do the job and gets every thing off which is very surprising because of the stickiness of the product. When it is off your face, you are ready for the next step!


Review product

I used this product a quite a lot since I’ve got it and everytime it surprises me how good this product is. It really opens my pores which makes the cleaning process of my pores much easier. Also the smell is very good! So if you have a lot of blackheads and you want to ease the cleaning process up, get this product!

If you want this product, go to This is a really good shop to buy your Korean skincare products, because they give a really good explanation about the product and how to use it, so check it out!

Next product review will be Lioele Blackhead Clear, so stay tuned ~

Written by Charlotte


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