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The real road to Cheemchi Fair

Hello everybody!

First I want to say,sorry for neglecting the blog and thank you for the support at the Cheemchi Fair!


We are very happy how it went and I want to tell you how it was for us to do this. Because this was the first time we did this! We didn’t have any experience. We went to a lot of conventions and sometimes we helped as gophers. So we did know something, but really not how those things go.  So we started to organise this summer. Most conventions have about 1 to 2 years to do this, but we did it in 5 months! It was really something we wanted to do and we had some spare time. After the vacation, we did all the things that needed to be done in our spare time. It was really hard work but I personally loved every second of it!


So we made a form to make the fair even better for...

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Birthday Giveaway!

So hey! As it is my birthday today, I am giving away 4 tickets!
So there will be 2 winners picked at random with Rafflecopter and they both each have two tickets and two bubbletea as well.

That’s right, we are also giving away 4 bubbleteas!

I will end the giveaway around 10 this evening.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Cheemchi Fair

We have been talking about Cheemchi Fair on our facebookpage and on our Cheemchi Fair event page, but now we wanted to let you know all the information in this post!


The fair will be held at ‘Partycentrum De Lockhorst’ and it starts at 11:00 till 17:00.

There will be two lines: one for the people with tickets and the other without tickets. Once inside you will get a bracelet that gives you access to the fair!

The location will provide Korean food and from 1:00 pm, Airu Bubble tea will be selling bubbletea!

What you can expect in the main hall, is the market, a stage and Ani-Nation with a photobooth with hanboks and Korean games.

We also have a table with Cards Against Kpop and the nifty crafting table where you can make cute little paper hanboks, hosted by Hallyucon’s Anastacia and Elke...

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Review: Wah Nam Hong Restaurant

After a long time of wanting to eat at the Wah Nam Hong Restaurant, we finally did it!

This food is just one word: Delicious.

As we went to the Markthal, we decided to eat at Wah Nam Hong’s Restaurant. You have to enter the supermarket and go up the stairs. At the top of the stairs you can find many cute cups, mugs and more kitchenware. Aside from that we entered and sat down at one of the tables.

Looking around we noticed the kitchen was open, you could look into it, which is nice because you can literally see what they do with your food! We got the menu. It wasn’t big but it had a nice selection of different dishes from different asian countries, such as Thailand, Korea and Japan.

The food itself was super fresh. It was well made and well cooked...

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Chibi Hangout: the Halloween edition

Pauliene and Kaori went to the Chibi hangout once again. This time it  was time for the Halloween edition! A cute but well organized pre-halloween party!


This was the second official Chibi hangout. It was a blast! beside having fun with friends there were multiple things to do. The game room didn’t only have games from different consoles, they also added a cute DDR corner (only 1 player) where you could dance on various songs.

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