Cheemchi Fair

We have been talking about Cheemchi Fair on our facebookpage and on our Cheemchi Fair event page, but now we wanted to let you know all the information in this post!



The fair will be held at ‘Partycentrum De Lockhorst’ and it starts at 11:00 till 17:00.

There will be two lines: one for the people with tickets and the other without tickets. Once inside you will get a bracelet that gives you access to the fair!

The location will provide Korean food and from 1:00 pm, Airu Bubble tea will be selling bubbletea!

What you can expect in the main hall, is the market, a stage and Ani-Nation with a photobooth with hanboks and Korean games.

We also have a table with Cards Against Kpop and the nifty crafting table where you can make cute little paper hanboks, hosted by Hallyucon’s Anastacia and Elke.

The dealers that will be there are:
AVO Blog
BB Cream shop
BIGBANG European Fanclub
Dani Therapy Jewelry
Fan Base Project
Honey Garden
Korean Connection
Shop Chokers

(There may be changes before the fair starts)

Other than them, are the people who are selling their K-Pop merch!

We will have a show on stage as well!

Music bankYES! Cheemchi Bank!

It will feature 4Real, 04NITE, YuYin, Kim BaeRi and Team Happy.

We have a K-Fashion Show, where you can show your Korean inspired fashion to the world and a game called: ‘Do You Know your K-Pop Group?’ hosted by our very own Charlotte.

Gepast betalen

If you still have to buy a ticket, please try to pay as little as you possibly can. We don’t have that much change, so if you can pay 2,50, we appreciate it greatly!

Don’t forget to bring cash with you before you reach the venue as there is NO ATM close by!

We will try to upload the schedule ASAP on our Cheemchi Fair eventpage.

We hope to see you there!

You can buy your tickets HERE (till November 19th)

Adress to the venue: Sportlaan 1 Sliedrecht

We also have a video on how to get to the venue from Sliedrecht Station!

Written by Pauliene


10 years K-Pop obsessed, crazy about mango ice cream and PĂȘche Melba bubbletea, fan of Dong Bang Shin Ki and BTS.

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