Chibi Hangout: the Halloween edition

Pauliene and Kaori went to the Chibi hangout once again. This time it  was time for the Halloween edition! A cute but well organized pre-halloween party!


This was the second official Chibi hangout. It was a blast! beside having fun with friends there were multiple things to do. The game room didn’t only have games from different consoles, they also added a cute DDR corner (only 1 player) where you could dance on various songs.

IMG_1635 kopie


IMG_1634 kopie

They added a pingpong table and there were actually 2 table-football tables. You can choose from various meals, including noodles and delicious bami/nasi dishes!

IMG_1614 kopie

Airu bubble tea was also present with various delicious bubble tea combo’s.

IMG_1622 kopie

At the end of the day there was a small disco! The whole venue was covered in cute halloween decorations!

IMG_1633 kopie
With small steps the Chibi hangout is becoming a bigger thing! This time they had twice as much visitors as last time, which isn’t a surprise because the effort they put into this deserves recognition! It’s definitely worth a visit! Make sure you’re there the next time! :D


Written by Kaori

Hiiya, I’m Kaori! I Love Kpop, Japan, Cosplay and Fantasy. I have too many hobbies and too less time for them all, but will keep up eventually! I’m pretty silly and mess up a lot! :D Nice to meet you!

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