SET x Honey Garden Christmas Event Review!

Yesterday, the 19th of December 2015, I went to Arnhem to attend the SET x Honey Garden Christmas Event together with my boyfriend.

When we stood infront of the little shop SET for Wish, where they held their event, I saw A LOT of people I know! It was pretty nice to see them all again! That’s where we also saw Esmée and her girlfriend and we decided to share a table, as we noticed it was only possible to sit with 4 at one table. That was not a problem at all, as Head maid Faeyla has put us together already.

hg 1
It was a bit cramped, but we managed to sit down and we were given a menu card where we could choose what to drink.
There were a lot of hot and cold matcha drinks,calpis drinks, but also soft drinks.

Voedsel collage

The menu on the other side was easy to follow and choose from as there were two side dishes: seaweed and chicken, and we could choose from three different Soja or Miso Ramen, chicken, beef or vegetables. The desserts were either Hello Kitty mango, strawberry or chocolate cheesecake or Green Tea and Red Bean cheesecake.

hg 5

It was very fun that there were performances and a lottery in between the meals, I even have a sketch of myself that maid Miya made for me!

hg 7

I sat a while with her, when she was busy with my drawing, and we had small talk about different things, but I liked it how I had fun just being heard and giving our opinions on different matters.

hg 3

Miya, thank you! You are amazing with your drawing skills and it was nice to talk to you for a while!
Faeyla, yes you had my name correct when you asked how I was doing ;) still two thumbs up! Thank you for helping me with my reservation and answering my questions.
Kaon, sorry that I used your real name when I gave you the two pens back and even at Cheemchi Fair during the lottery. Thank you for your patience with me!

All the other butlers and maids, thank you for this experience!

This was the first time being at a Christmas Event, organised by a maid and butler café and I enjoyed it thoroughly!

Next year, I want to go again!! Thank you Honey Garden for this awesome experience and be kind and fun to be around with.

HG 2

Thanks to Esmée for taking some pictures :D

Written by Pauliene


10 years K-Pop obsessed, crazy about mango ice cream and Pêche Melba bubbletea, fan of Dong Bang Shin Ki and BTS.

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