Last minute Christmas nails!

Hi everyone!

Even though I don’t celebrate Christmas, I do like the holiday spirit around it. I sing along with the songs and I just happen to paint a Christmas tree on my nails. Oh, and some mistletoes. … Is mistletoe plural or..? I’m too lazy to look it up and I’m also too lazy to wait for my nails to fully dry before going to the next step…

Oops, sorry, I’m going way too fast. Anyways, let me show you how YOU can also put a Christmas tree and a few mistletoe(s?) on your nails! But remember, if you want to have these nails as well, you should not be rushing! So put on some Mariah Carey or Michael Bublé and get your tools ready, let’s paint our nails with some holiday spirit!

Nail polish
*Base coat (obviously)
*Fast drying top coat or your regular top coat if you are really really patient (I wasn’t for one of my nails)

*Tooth pick
*Scotch tape

Christmas tree nail art

nail t

Step one

After applying your base coat, paint your nail whatever color you want for the background of your Christmas tree. I chose red for one nail and gold for the other. My red nail will be my real accent nail and I’ll continue the rest of the steps with this nail.

Step two

Either go watch an episode of a random K-drama and wait forever for your nail polish to dry or apply a fast drying top coat and let your nails dry a bit faster. It is VERY important your nails are really dry, or you will mess it up. Why? Because you’re going to put some scotch tape on your nails, and if your nail polish isn’t dry, the scotch tape will “rip it off”.

Thus, apply two pieces of scotch tape so that you will have an open V-shaped space left to put your green polish on. Make sure there are no air bubbles near the sides of the tape, because you don’t want your polish to leak under it. It should completely stick to your nail, so make sure to press it down.

Level up: If you want to have your Christmas tree garland the same color as your background color, add some really thin scotch tape in a Z-shape over the V-shaped space. This takes some practice! If you don’t want to do that, just paint the garland with your tooth pick as I did in step 4.

Step three

Splash that green polish on that part of the nail that is not covered with the scotch tape and while the polish is still wet, carefully take away the scotch tape in the reversed order as you put it on; so the “top” layered tape first, then the “bottom” layered tape second. This creates a nicely shaped triangle!

Step four

Decorate that tree! Get your glitter polish (mine is a top coat) for the balls and stars and whatever you put in your tree and use gold (or silver, I used gold) for the garland and the star on top.

Carefully add the glitter polish on top of the green triangle and wait for it to dry before using your tooth pick to add the garland in a Z-shape and of course, a star (or dot if you’re lazy) on top. If you want, you could also draw the garland and star first and then add your glitter.

Your Christmas tree nail is done! Now let’s move on to the mistletoe nails

Mistletoe nail art

nail t 2


Step one

After applying your basecoat, add your preferred background color – for me this was gold. Let it dry completely (by adding a fast drying top coat or just wait patiently…) before going to the next step.

Step two

Make three red dots, grouped together in a triangle, with a tooth pick. Take a little bit more polish on your tooth pick if you want your dots to be a bigger. Or cut your tooth pick with a pair of scissors and use the cut end as your dotting tool.

Step three

Use the other end of the tooth pick (a pointy end) for the leaves. First add two green lines next to the three dots.

Step four

Then, use your tooth pick to add a green X through both of these lines to finish the leaves. Make the lines a bit thicker to imitate the shape of mistletoe leaves better.

Step five for both nail arts

Of course, finish off with a top coat for your nail art to last longer.

EIND nagels

Et voila! You’re done! You can choose either one of these nail arts as your accent nail. I first planned to just have my ring finger as my only accent nail (hence the red background), but I really liked the Christmas tree so I added another one.

Just play around and have fun with it! Your nails will show the holiday spirit nonetheless.

Happy holidays!



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