14 days’s in South Korea

The 14th of every month is a holiday in South Korea. This is quite ironic, as it is a number to be feared in Asia; the word for four is the same as the word for death. Most of these days are for couples to celebrate their love. We made a list for you!

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 January 14th: Diary Day / Candle Day

Blank diaries are given as gifts among couples and friends. Anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions are recorded into the brand new journals. Most of these diaries have funny Konglish text on them. Also, some celebrate  Candle Day and give and receive decorative candles.

 February 14th: Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in South Korea much like it is in the West, except for one main difference: Only the women give gifts; men are off the hook in February.

 March 14th: White Day

When a girl gave something on Valentine’s day, she is supposed to get something back on this day . It’s a custom that you should give a gift with three times the worth of what you have received. Many gifts such as roses, candy and chocolate are often given in the color white.

April 14th: Black Day

This day is for the lonely singles. It’s a rather depressing day where singles eat jjajangmyun and wish they had a love interest.

Some also turn the occasion into a celebration of independence. Getting together with other singles and toasting freedom with a bowl of  jjajangmyun.  Of course, most still secretly hope they’ll meet another sad, noodle-eating single and be a couple in time for next month’s holiday.

May 14th: Yellow Day / Rose Day

On Yellow Day, couples dress in yellow and give each other roses. Singles who couldn’t find their love on Black day, have the chance to fill it up on yellow curry and hope their love will spice up(if you know what I mean).

June 14th: Kiss Day

The name says it all. This is also a good day to confess your feelings to a crush and start a new relationship with a smooch. Many companies will offer special promotions like lipstick brands and breath mint makers.

July 14th: Silver Day

Couples exchange silver rings and discuss future plans of marriage.

August 14th: Green Day

Green Day is centered around the fact that soju comes in a green bottle.  That’s it! Well, you could drink some with your loved one or friends. But there is actually nothing special about this day. I think it became soju day because they run out of ideas and they really love their soju. .

September 14th: Photo Day / Music Day

Most days in Korea are photo and music days, but the 14th of September is when it becomes “official” (or as official as an off-the-calendar holiday can get). Portrait studios and gimmick photo booths are popular, and it seems like everyone’s taking a reverse-facing camera shot (selca). Noraebangs — singing (karaoke) rooms — are in high demand, as well.

October 14th: Wine Day

Couples drink a glass (or just the whole bottle) of wine over a romantic dinner and singles drink away their sorrows. Poor singles!

November 14th: Movie Day

On Movie day, the movietheaters are jam-packed. But couples also rent movies, give each other DVD gifts, or go to a DVD room (the “DVD Bang,” or movie room, is a popular Korean hangout on any day (and not just for movies)).

December 14th: Hug Day

Because they were running short on reasons to dedicate a special day, Hug Day wraps up the year with a firm and gentle squeeze and a sigh of relief. Couples spend the day hugging each other, while polls on which Korean celebrity is most cuddle-worthy give the singles something to fantasize about.


So remember these days so you have more days to celebrate!

Written by Charlotte


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