Interview with Cherry Pie Maid Café!

I have seen Cherry Pie Maid Café in action for a while now, from where they began till now. So it was time to interview their manager, Sky, to find out more about Cherry Pie Maid Café!
Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Esmée, although I prefer to go by Sky, and among other things, I’m the manager of Cherry Pie Maid Café!

How did you come to the idea to start a maidcafé?

I visited other cafés at conventions and I absolutely loved it. The whole experience really inspired me to take the concept and try to take it to the next level. I had a lot of ideas, and when a friend suggested I should start my own café I thought; why not?

What makes this maid cafe different from other cafés? (Besides having cute and original outfits)

Based on simply facts, I believe we’re currently the only café who brings the full maid café experience to conventions in the Netherlands, in a way where everyone can have their personalized maid café experience. Besides serving food, we decorate it while keeping the customers in mind. One of the best examples has got to be a Link Cosplayer from the Legend of Zelda, who ordered a cupcake. Our decorator then turned the cupcake into a tri-force cupcake, and it really added a little extra to the whole experience for that specific cosplayer. We strive to do this for everyone; make everyone’s experience at Cherry Pie as wonderful and personal as possible. We’re also the first café in the Netherlands to perform for our customers, both in our café as well as on the main stage of several conventions. I think those are the main two aspects that are the most memorable.

Cherry Pie
The maids at GamePitCon, Sky is on the far left. // Picture taken by Kaleidoscopy

How do you see yourself in 5 years?
As cliché as it may sound, I try to live by ‘Carpe Diem’. For Cherry Pie, our official planning stretches one year ahead of us. After we’ve finished an event we usually check in with the event organisers. If the conversation ends with a mutual “see you next time”, we’ve got another year planned! As for hopes and dreams, we plan to continue improving the Cherry Pie concept.

As you are a maid café, do you plans to have a butler café as well?
We do! We actually opened up Butler Auditions in December 2015, and we plan on introducing our butlers at Tomocon this year!

At Chibi Hangout

What are the events you are attending this year?
Oh boy, we’re attending so many! I’d list all of them, but it’d be easier for anyone who’s interested to check out our event agenda on our website,

Do you have other plans for the future?
We do have a couple ideas for the future, but for those you’ll have to wait and see~

We saw you have a YouTube channel: Can we expect more covers or impressions on your channel?
Yes, definitely! We’ll be vlogging at every event we attend, and we have a bunch of ideas for future videos, so our youtube channel will be a lot more active in 2016. Our first vlog of the year should be up soon!

We want to thank Esmée for her time! We wish you all the best of luck with your maid cafë!

Written by Pauliene


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