Anime review: Tales of Symphonia The Animation: Tethe’alla-hen



There are two worlds, knowing nothing of each other. In order for one world to flourish the other one will perish. In the perished world a chosen must go on a journey. The journey of world generation. The chosen has to overcome many obstacles and ends up at the tower of salvation. Once the chosen becomes an angel, which brings many hardships with it along the way, the flow will be changed and the once perished world will be flourished.

1280x720-VeO The magnificent chosen of Tethe'alla, Zelos Wilder!
The magnificent chosen of Tethe’alla, Zelos Wilder!

Colette brunel is in this story the chosen of regeneration, as it’s called. She’s from Sylvarant, the name of the perishing world. She now has traveled the Sylvaranti world and Is in a pre-angel mode. She lost her soul to the angels in the process of becoming an angel, Lloyd and the others don’t want to lose colette so they fled, together with Tethe’allan assassin, Sheena, to the other world in search of a way to get Colette back. There they meet up with the Chosen of Tethe’alla, Zelos. He’s the one that sender assassins to kill Colette since he didn’t want his would to perish. In the end he travels with them around Tethe’alla in search of a way to get Colette back.


This story is as said before the continuation of the sylvarant-hen. The story itself continues and new characters are joining. The story continues and it is still as intresting as the first story! It’s really worth watching if you love fantasy with a little bit of romance and action!


After this part there are the last few episodes which go under the name: Tales of Symphonia united world! Make sure to watch those too to end the full serie! :)

Written by Kaori

Hiiya, I’m Kaori! I Love Kpop, Japan, Cosplay and Fantasy. I have too many hobbies and too less time for them all, but will keep up eventually! I’m pretty silly and mess up a lot! :D Nice to meet you!

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