Charlotte’s Review: Kaomoji (◕‿◕)

I thought: I haven’t done a review in a very long time. so here it is!

Today we are going to talk about the online clothes store kaomoji!


Kaomoji is run by two Dutch graphic designers who love Japanese culture, anime , manga and, ofcourse, fashion! The name kaomoji means japanese smileys. They chose this name, because fashion makes them happy, sad, loved, lazy and crazy.
They express themselves in the way they dress. It all started with designing t-shirts for themselves. They are inspired by watching anime, reading manga and loving Japan. They started to put their designs on the internet and got a lot of positive reactions on it, so they started a shop! From a hobby they turned it into an otaku fashion statement.

In 2015 I ordered the limited edition world hoodie. This was a pre-order and it came in a little while ago and I have to say…. I really like it!
I’m always searching for good otaku clothes with good quality. Most clothes I find are from the United States and the problems that I have i that I have to pay import costs which are so high that I don’t want to buy it from there anymore. Now this is ideal for me as I live in the Netherlands and I only have to pay for the sending costs.

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The hoodie is very comfy and in the kangaroo pouch you have a hidden phone pocket with a small opening for earphones ( I have a quite big phone and it doesn’t fit, but I keep little things in it like a lipbalm. ) and I has also thumb holes in the cuffs, which I think it’s really cute.  The printing on it, has a very good quality. On the back it says  私はちょうど何が重要か見つけようとしている。 “I’m just trying to find what is important.” and on the arm it says ✖見るな✖ “DON’T LOOK.
I’m not a Japanese expert, and I can’t read all of it, but I looked it up and it is spelled correctly so you don’t have to be afraid of that. The only complaint  that I have is, that there were little stickers inside. But you can remove that and it’s good to wear.

It was very neatly packed with a little note and some stickers. I really like the shop and I am going to buy some more stuff from them in the future!


FB: kaomoji


Written by Charlotte


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