Pocky and Pepero

Valentine’s day is over and you’ve got some pocky from your loved ones ( or you bought it for yourself). You look at it and think: ‘Where is it even coming from? And what is the difference between Pepero and Pocky?’

Pocky new package
‘Sukky’ comes from ‘suki’ which means love and pocky.  But for us forneigers, it’s quite funny.

And what is the history of pocky? And pepero?

Well if you keep reading you will know!

The orginal chocolate covered biscuit was first sold in 1966. The name ‘Pocky’ comes from the sound that you make when you eat it, which is pokkin. In 1976 the original was followed by the (all mighty) almond coating, and in 1977 the strawberry coating came out. Nowadays you have all sorts of flavors like milk, mouse, matcha (green tea), honey, cookies and cream, and many more flavors. Also, you have themed pocky like Decorer Pocky with colorful decorative stripes in the coating and you have the manly “Men Pocky” which is a dark ( bittersweet) chocolate and is a more mature flavor. The unglazed version is Pretz, with flavors like tomato, pizza and salad. But has also some sweet flavor!

The difference between pocky and mikado.

Pepero is almost the same as Pocky, but comes from South Korea.  When Pepero was introduced in 1983, Glico ( the Japanese company which makes the Pocky)  considered taking action against what it considered a copycat snack. But they found out that it was quite difficult, because Pocky was not sold in South Korea then. The manufacturer of pepero ‘Lotte ‘ denies that it was inspired by Pocky.

Some of you already know, but in Europe you can find Pocky. Pocky is sold under the name Mikado in France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austra, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. There you can find mikado in most supermarkets and oriental shops. But you also can find pocky or pepero there. The only different is that mikado is smaller and thinner than Pocky and Pocky and pepero is so much cooler than mikado, if you know what I mean.

And if you think it’s ‘just a snack’ you are wrong! You can play many games with it, like the pocky/pepero game. This game is very popular in the Kpop scene and gives fan girls all sorts of laughs and feels.
It’s very easy, put one end in your mouth, and the other person puts the other end in their mouth. Bite the Pocky until it gets smaller and smaller. If both continue, the two participants’ lips will touch. Whoever breaks the kiss, loses the game.

To end this post, here some examples how to play it: 


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