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Hallyucamp 2016


Hallyucamp 2016
Where: Paasheuvelgroep Austerlitz
When: July 29 – 31, 2016
Tickets: HERE
Eventpage: HERE

After two successful editions, Foundation Promotion Korean Culture (Hallyucon) is holding their third edition of Hallyucamp! It’s an annual event, created for young people with a passion for Korea (and ofcourse K-pop).

This year’s theme is Trainees. That means that there will be groups, and those groups haven’t ‘debuted’ yet. They can debute by taking part of their ‘training’ that exists of a gameshow, a dance workshop, capture the flag and more activities that will be revealed over time. And at the end, they will show everyone what they have learned by doing a performance!


I have been to the first edition of Hallyucamp myself two years back, when I was a part of Hallyucon and I can s...

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Charlotte’s review: Geek in Japan

As we know, Japan isn’t all about manga and anime. But most of us don’t know or just don’t want to know more about the culture of Japan. But, if you want to learn more, Geek in Japan is a good book. It talks about a anime culture, work culture, food and a lot more. It isn’t a guidebook that you could take with you in Japan, but more of a culture guide book for us otaku’s. It’s written for the people who grew up with Pokemon, manga and videogames, better to say, us internet users who wants to learn more about the culture and hopefully travel there one day.


Geek in Japan

In the beginning the book discusses the history of Japan briefly...

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