Charlotte’s review: Geek in Japan

As we know, Japan isn’t all about manga and anime. But most of us don’t know or just don’t want to know more about the culture of Japan. But, if you want to learn more, Geek in Japan is a good book. It talks about a anime culture, work culture, food and a lot more. It isn’t a guidebook that you could take with you in Japan, but more of a culture guide book for us otaku’s. It’s written for the people who grew up with Pokemon, manga and videogames, better to say, us internet users who wants to learn more about the culture and hopefully travel there one day.


Geek in Japan

In the beginning the book discusses the history of Japan briefly. But it moves quickly to the more interesting historical aspects like material arts, calligraphy, religion and traditions such as the tea ceremony and de-bunking myths about Geisha. The heart of the book discusses the current culture and society in Japan from the working folks to the younger generation. The author discusses the interesting after hours ‘work party’ in Japan. He also makes mentions of schools and the intense competition for entrance into prestigious high schools and universities. We also read about the intense pressure put on these school kids. At the end, he also tells you about sight seeing when you visit Japan. But the book isn’t meant to be a travel guide, so this section isn’t that big.

This book is more than just a compilation of the otaku culture and the other crazy thingd of Japan. It gives you a bigger picture of  today’s modern Japan. What it makes it even better, is that the writer made a lot of the photos himself. Pictures showing a lot of what Westerners don’t see often in guide books and that is people in Japan going about their lives. Instead of having 400 pictures of temples, we see Japanese workers at a bar, an actual Geisha (rare to get a photo of a real one), cosplayers, youngsters just hanging out, and families at parks and festivals.

I really liked the book and you will learn more about Japan. There is also another book Geek in Korea, which I also will write a review about later!


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