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It has been a while since I posted something. Well, that’s because I have been working for school a lot and had my exams.
I listened to a lot of kpop radio during my exams ( yes, we were allowed to listen to music) and I came across a lot of groups that I was not interested in before, but now.. Well let’s say that I’m hooked.

Let’s begin tot alk about the songs that I listened to during my last school period

f(x) – 4 Walls album

f(X) – 4 Walls

I like f(x) but I am not a fan. I just like their songs. Since I heard the album of pink tape, I was more interested in their album than the song ‘Rum Pum Pum’. So when 4 walls came out, I was totally hooked on their album. Until today I really love the songs ‘Rude Love’ and ‘When I’m Alone’ that I totally recommend you to listen!


IKON –  Dumb and Dumber & Rhythm ta

IKON – Dumb & Dumber

A friend of mine watched the whole show of ‘Who is Next’ and was totally hooked on Sinosijak. I liked it then, but not as I like them now. Their songs Dumb and Dumber and Rhythm ta brought me in such a good working vibe, that I repeated them so much that I was able to sing with it within a week.The funny thing was that I saw the MV (D&D) completely and almost laughed when I had my exams and who can’t laugh at this ( this gif is my favorite part of the song)



JINUSEAN – Tell me one more time

I know Sean from his charity work and from YG specials. I know that he was famous back in the day, but actually never listened to their music. But when this song came up on the radio I had to listen again as this song is so catchy and I can play this song non stop. I also watched the MV and it was very funny to see how they displayed the years back. I also enjoy the live versions of it with other female singers like Dara.


Brown Eyed Girl – Brave New World 

Brown Eyed Girls – Brave New World

I’m really more into boy groups then girl groups. I liked their songs like Abracadabra and Six Sense ( I also like Candy man!)  but I was never really into B.E.G. When I heard this song, I was totally hooked. It has an old feeling and that feeling is a very good feeling. The lyrics isn’t like about love or boys but more about discovering the world. It’s very inspiring to watch the mv with English lyrics. So I really recommend you to do that!


I know that these songs are not new and that I’m behind the trends, but still I think you need to know these songs (and if you know them go listen to them again!) I made a playlist for you with all these songs and some more that I listened a lot during the exams.



Written by Charlotte


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