Noblesse Korean Animation VS Anime


In the post before, we talked about one of my favorite manwha: Noblesse. What makes this manwha even more special, is that there is a Korean Animation (OVA) and a 30-minute short anime of it. I saw them both and here is my review about it.

Korean Animation

Rai in the Korean OVA

In my opinion, I think that the Korean OVA could be much better in many ways. I really like the story. It tells you more about the relationship between Rai and Muzuka and why they are enemies now. The animation looks pretty old if you compare it with the anime, but that isn’t the bad part. I really don’t like the voice actors that they used. This made the whole story quite boring for me. A lot of characters talk in such monotone way or it’s just that they give it that little bit more that brings the character alive. Also a lot of the time I questioned myself if it was even Korean. I’m not an expert in Korean and I can’t talk in Korean, but I think I know enough about it that I say this. Because I think it was really bad but I also could be wrong.

Of the 40 minutes I really enjoyed the last 10 minutes because that was the part of their fight. Which I think was pretty awesome, I think it was even better than the anime but the animation brought it down just a little bit. Would I recommend this to anyone? If you read the whole manwha then yes, but otherwise, no. I think if you had some better voice actors this OVA could be so much better and then the animation wouldn’t be such a problem.


Rai in the Anime

Compared to the Korean OVA, the animation and the voice actors were better. They tried to tell you the  first season of the manwha in one episode. Even though they have the good animation and the voice actors, I think they missed out alot of the story’s character development. I think even as a non manhwa reader it could be very disturbing that you don’t know anything about the story itself. Yes, it’s good and it’s awesome because of the fights. But I think that if you made a whole season a lot would have been explained better for the non manwha readers and would see how awesome ( yes I can say that) the story actually is.

But still I prefer the Anime over the Korean Animation. This is because of how it’s displayed and performed. If the voice actors were better in the Korean Animation I would totally recommend that one. But for now I would recommend the anime. Do I wish for more of the Korean animation or the anime? Yes, I wish there was more. This story is so long but such a good story that I think it deserves more right than other bad seasonal anime’s.

Do you want to watch the Korean animation? Click here or the anime version? Click here.

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