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It’s been a long time coming, as you asked all the questions a while back, but here it is!
Natasja from Hallyucon answered your questions regarding studying in Korea.

How much is the tuition? And what class do they offer?

If you go on exchange, your tuition is the same as what you pay to your home institute. You do not become a real registered student in Korea, you are only on exchange and remain a student of your home institute (school in the Netherlands). This means, you pay tuition here, and not there.

For language courses, there is separate tuition. This differs per school, so you’d have to check their websites. Often you can pay for either a full year or half a year.

For classes, they offer different things per university. Unfortunately, for most of the uni’s you cannot check the courses they offer online, unless you can log in to their student environment.
I suggest talking to your student counsellor at your school, and asking them if they can get a list, or to contact the school in Korea directly to ask them for a list.

Should my grades be very good if I want to study there, and are all classes also in English or only a few?

How high your grades have to be depends on which school you go to here; they have their own requirements for sending someone on exchange. If you want to attend a full program there (4 years bachelor program) it depends on the university you are trying to get in to.

Not all classes are in English. Not even half of the classes are in English. I had to search for the right courses which would fit into my curriculum. Also, I have heard from people that sometimes a course is listed as ‘will be in English’ but is not taught in English at all. Be prepared to switch classes at the beginning of a semester.

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Is there a difference in levels at schools/universities? and is the level higher or the same as here in the Netherlands?

Personally I cannot say much about the difference in levels, as I have only attended one school. What I can tell you, that that school (Yonsei) is one of the SKY universities, and so supposedly one of the toughest to get in to, let alone to graduate from. The courses were not hard. They were easy to pass for anyone who came from any Dutch university or hogeschool. I think if you are going to any other (non SKY) university, it will be easier compared to Yonsei. This is not because the universities are easier than Dutch universities in general, but just because we can only take the English-taught courses, which is the reason (I think) that these courses are so simple.

If you are doing ok here, you will do more than ok there. My average here in university was a 7.5 / 10.0, but my average in Korea was a 9.5 / 10.0 – as an indication.

If you want to stay longer than a year to study, do you need to buy a visa again or can you extend it?

You can get a student visa which you would have to extend after a year. You can do that in Korea, you do not have to go back for that.

What program is the best/cheapest for teaching English in Korea? I found one for China, where u could go there for one whole year and teach children English ( and at the same time you learn Chinese.) Because that’d be your job, you get a room and flight tickets provided. Is there something like this for Korea?

If you are Dutch, you cannot go to teach English in Korea. Unfortunately, even though your English level might be really good and you have all the diplomas, Korea doesn’t grant visa’s for people to teach English to people who are not from a country with English as an official language.

Example: Even if I grew up with English parents, as long as I have a Dutch passport, this visa will not be granted. If I am a foreigner living in England, and speak English with a strong accent, I can get the visa.
Of course, getting the visa and getting a job to teach English are two different matters altogether.

Thanks Natasja for answering the questions! If you still have any questions regarding studying in korea, send us an email:!

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