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On the 15th of May, the Japan market was in Leiden! I went there with my mom, who also likes the Japanese culture.
At that time we had to take the bus because of the maintenance of the railways around Utrecht. After a long trip we finally arrived in Leiden. It was very funny to see all the people who were planning to go to the market. You could see by their appearence who was going.



The market was very long and had very different stands. Anime, food, cultural and more. It was very busy when we were there, but I visited all of the stands. I especially liked the stand with second hand stuff. They were going to donate most of the money for the tsunami and the earthquake which made it even more convincing to buy from them.

I think, if you love the culture of Japan, you would also like the market. The only thing what I didn’t like was the amount of Anime stands and the people who were at those stands. Not that it’s wrong to sell Anime and buy Anime stuff, but I think you should be more open to the culture and most of the people that were for the Anime didn’t go to the cultural stands.

There were a lot of foodstands! SO MUCH YUMM *cough*. There was a stand that sold homemade pastries (something like that) and that was so good! I really want to learn how to make that. Also the other foodstands looked so yummy. I really wanted to try ‘real’ takoyaki and as there was a takoyaki stand,I had to have some. But this was a little bit of a let down because it was just dutch poffertjes with a little bit of tako and other stuff.

Overall I really like the market and I will be there next year!


Takoyaki stand Japanmarkt 2016


Ikebana Japan markt 2016


Japan markt 2016


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