Facialmask Review: Anskin Green Tea Rubber Mask

This mask is for Sensitive skin, Skin trouble, Dark and Droopy Skin and Dry skin. This mask contains a lot of good ingredients; like green tea extracts inhibit skin oxidation that keeps your skin youthful, clear and helps maintain the health of the skin because of its rich ingredients such as vitamin E. The ingredient called Catechin contained in green tea prevents skin oxidation and suppresses the black mark generated from UV rays. The vitamin C ingredient in green tea helps to improve the skin to brighten up.This mask is a rubber mask that you have to make by yourself. You get about 7,5 grams of the powder and mix it with water until you have the right consistency that you are happy with. I always use a little bit more of it, so I can put a thick layer on my face. That will make it easier to peel it off later. Especially on the sides so you don’t have to struggle to get it off.



Anskin Modeling Mask Green Tea

he mask itself is very nice and cold. The smell is rubber herbal-ish, but for me the rubber smell isn’t really disturbing. You have to wait about 15 – 20 minutes until your mask completely dries. Then the fun part begins. THE PEELING. For me, it has a really satisfied feeling. If you have put a thicker layer on your face, then it will be really easy for you. If you didn’t do that, then you have a lot of crumbly parts. These are really harder to remove, the only way to remove them is to wash your face but then it is still a bit hard to remove.

After the mask, my skin felt really soft and nice. So in general I think it’s a good mask. You get a big container with the powder to make the mask, so it’s worth your money. It gave my skin a boost and I’m really curious about the other powders!

Plus sides:

• Big container, so more product to make more masks

• Cooling effect


Down sides:

• Instructions are unclear or in some cases completely off

• Crumbly effect if you don’t put enough

• Rubber-like smell

Written by Charlotte


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