Cooking Cooking | Let’s make some kimbap!

And the first episode of Cooking Cooking is a fact!

Hi everyone!

Cooking Cooking is a show that gets us to try out recipes or make our own recipes and share it with you. We might fail, or we might succeed, that’s why it is called Cooking Cooking!

So we made kimbap for the first time! It went well, kinda. Let’s blame the minute rice we used instead of short-grain white rice, so you better use that!

We didn’t really have any measurements for everything that we put in our kimbap, so I will just list what we used.

For the herring roll:
-Herring (Haring)

-ham (doesn’t matter what kind and if you use it or not)

and for dessert!
-syrupwaffel (stroopwafel)
-hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles)

And dont forget the seaweed sheet and bambo mat!

Happy Cooking!

Written by Pauliene


10 years K-Pop obsessed, crazy about mango ice cream and PĂȘche Melba bubbletea, fan of Dong Bang Shin Ki and BTS.

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