Facialmask Review: Facial – Wine Sheet Mask (Non-Korean)

These days you get more products here from Asia, like sheet masks. So I was wondering it was as good as a Korean sheet mask.
South-Korea is famous for it’s skincare and I wanted to test this but how? Well, I have found two wine inspired sheet masks and today we are going to test if the Korean sheet masks are still better or is it worth to try to experiment with other ones?


This mask helps for premature skin aging and it contains wine extract. I can’t get more info because I bought it in a store and you can’t get it online.


When I opened the package I immediately could recognize the smell: artificial grape. It wasn’t at all intense but if you have eaten Japanese of Korean grape candy then you know what I mean. This was quite pleasant. When I got the mask out of the package, I noticed there was a lot and I mean a LOT of essence in it. I squeezed some out of my mask because for me it was too wet. For a cheaper sheet mask this was actually very surprising that they have put a little bit too much in it, but for the price you actually get some value for it. The mask size is perfect for my face.


The mask had a cooling effect on my skin. My skin absorbed the essence fast and gave me a hydrated and soft feeling afterwards. The only thing is my skin has some slight sticky feeling afterwards. Also my fingers were sticky.

I will recommend this mask to my friend who can’t buy from the internet or can’t go to a shop who sells Korean sheet masks.

-Smell of candy grape
-A lot of essence on the sheet mask
-Good fit on my face

-Maybe a little bit too much essence (but actually I can’t really complain about that)
-Sticky feeling

Written by Charlotte


Korea & Japan Lover. Princess of the internetshops, waiting for a crown ( and prince charming)

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