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Cosplay 101 – Make your own Cospage

Hii Guys!

Okay, First things first, I’m Nicolette, But most people call me Kaori, Kao, Moron, Idio— Ok. Just keep it at Kaori.. ! I’ve been swung into cosplay back in 2007, I’ve been cosplaying for a while, but it was only in 2013 that i became more seriously active! I’ve seen Chibicon going down and new cons starting up (a lot actually.) And i’m pretty new to the Cheemchi team! :D I’ve been there since they started though.. anyways, This will be my first cheemchi-crew-team-blog-thingie! \o/

So in the first Cosplay 101 i will be talking about Cospages .. Or Cosplay pages. I’ve seen them popping up everywhere! But why? Here are some reasons why YOU (yes you) should make a cosplay page

1. For yourself

You can make a cosplay page for yourself! It’s fun to see how much progress ...

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