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[Convention] Tomocon 2015


This Saturday, the second Tomocon 2015 will be held! This time it will be in Etten-Leur with a bigger location!
There are more than 20 workshops and lectures and Cherry Pie Maid Café will be there this years as well.

DDR, dealer room, game room and of course the Cosplay Contest and the Mis(s)ter Cosplay Contest.

AVO will be holding a lecture about Japanese music, make sure to check them out!

Tomocon wants to try to set a World record how many people can do ‘Kamehameha'(mostly known from Dragon Ball).

Location: Het Turfschip at Etten-Leur
Tickets: You can buy them at the location if you want to go!
Website: Here (Dutch)
Facebook: Here (Dutch)

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The Last Otaku Hangout

Last Friday, we had the last Otaku Hangout at Nom Nom Rotterdam as it closed yesterday. We all have amazing memories about the bubbletea shop!

Here are some of the pictures that we took, we will inform you on facebook when Nom Nom uploaded the rest of them.

DSC01373 DSC01404 DSC01418 DSC01432 DSC01500 DSC01530

New Asion uploaded it’s first video related to Nom Nom! [Dutch spoken]

All in all, it was a blast. Nom Nom, you will be missed :(

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Otaku Hangout at Nom Nom Bubbletea

Sadly enough, Nom Nom Bubbletea is going away by the end of this week. BUT there is still the Otaku Hangout on Friday! Let’s make sweet memories!

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Cheemchi at Tsunacon 2015

We were at Tsunacon as VIXX – On & On and had a lot of fun looking around and experiencing the convention. Thanks Tsunacon!

The pictures that we took will be uploaded as soon as possible.

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