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Cheemchi Academy: Special Lesson South Korea

We are here for a special lesson. This will not be a serie ( but if you like it please like it so we can do more history lessons).

So today we are going to talk about South Korea, the country itself. What do we know about it? We know that they have gorgeous boys and girls and amazing beauty products and spicy food. But I think you don’t know that much about the rest of South Korea. Because there is one person ( actually two, but he was the first ) who gave knowledge about Korea. And this is the Dutch man, Hendrik Hamel.


Hendrick Hamel was from Gorinchem (the Netherlands). In 1650 he sailed to the Dutch East Indies to find work with the Dutch East India Company (VOC). In 1653 they went to Japan.
Hamel and thirty-five other crewmates survived a deadly shipwreck on the Korean island of ...

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[Cheemchi Academy] Chopstick Lesson 3

Hello everyone! If you are like me, and can’t eat with regular chopsticks, here are some chopsticks you CAN eat with. These chopstick I call: cheat chopsticks

You have several types. Here is my collection and experiences.

The animal holder.


These ones are really cute, but not really functional. It holds the ends together, but for me the problem is that I can’t control the eating part of the chopsticks so if you are like me I advise you not to buy it. If you can eat with chopsticks, then it’s very cute to have these but I can’t eat with them.

 The ‘child-but-now-in-adult-form’ chopsticks.


These chopsticks are actually children’s chopsticks. In this way children learn how to eat with them. But they also have these chopsticks in adult size, so you can learn it also...

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[Cheemchi Academy] Chopsticks Lesson 2.3 : Chinese etiquette

The summer vacation is (almost) over! Schools are starting their lessons again, so we also start our lessons ! Here one about the Chinese chopsticks etiquette.

China is one of the traditional chopstick cultures, along with Japan and Korea. If you want more information about proper chopstick etiquette, go to the Japanese etiquette lesson. There is one major difference between the Chinese chopstick and the Japanese chopstick. Chinese chopsticks are usually round unlike the square-sided Japanese kind. Also they don’t come attached , so you don’t have to snap them apart like Japanese ones. 

Like the other etiquette ( the proper chopstick etiquette) it’s not allowed to wave with your chopsticks around over different dishes trying to select what you want, don’t stick the chopstick ends into the...

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Asian Tour in France, Muffy on Vacation !

Hello everybody !

How is/was your summer vacation?

Well, mine was very good! On my vacation, I always search for Japanese or Korean stuff and since a few years they have a lot of anime. Back then I was really surprised to see something from Naruto. From that it started to grow bigger and bigger. So I want to talk with you what I discovered this year.

Every year I go on search for Anime, Japanese or Kpop related magazines. If you want find some you will have to go a shop which sells magazines and sometimes at the Hypermarché. Search in the ‘teenager’ section ( I think it’s called adolescent there) and you will find Japan and Anime related magazines.


In the supermarché you find more Japan/Anime related things...

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[Cheemchi Academy] Chopstick Lesson 2.2 : Korean etiquette

Today’s lesson is about the Korean etiquette.

The Japanese chopsticks are mostly presented in a wrapper. The Korean chopsticks are rarely presented in a wrapper, so unless you have a little ceramic chopstick rest, you need to rest the “mouth” end of your chopsticks alongside the plate, the idea also being that the food end of the chopsticks should never touch the table. Never place your chopsticks parallel to each other across the top of a rice bowl, this is considered to be very rude. Also never place bits of unwanted food in a used rice bowl this is also considered very rude. Use the chopsticks to eat soup ( see also the Japanese etiquette), rice, peanuts and every other item on your plate...

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Cheemchi meets Youtube: South-Korea

Last week, we gave you a few tips who to follow about Youtubers who are living in Japan. This week it’s about South-Korea! And to be honest I really don’t know that much South-Korea based Youtubers. I love Kpop and the country, but I love Japan longer then South Korea as maybe that’s the reason I love Japanese based bloggers more? But anyways here are some Youtubers ~ ( and writing this article with Kpop is not a very good idea especially watching some old live shows with extra stuff)

My Korean husband

Nichola and Hugh are a married couple, who are living in South-Korea. She is Australian and he is Korean. She grew in rural Australia, while Hugh grew up in rural South-Korea...

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Cheemchi meets Youtube : Japan

Hello everyone!

This month, we are going to talk about Youtube. There are alot of Youtubers these days. You can cook with them,you can make stuff or experience their lifes, and we love it all. So we thought, why not making a blogpost about some Youtubers who either live in South-Korea and Japan or are Korean or Japanese.

Today we are going to talk about Youtubers of Japan that you could watch.

Sharla in Japan

Sharla is a Canadian girl who lives in Japan for 7 years. She recently said that she’s going to be a full time vlogger. Why I recommend her channel, is because you will learn alot about Japan. She teaches you about the culture and the daily life. This made me more want to go to the country. Also she loves food so you will see a lot of food related vlogs, but I love it...

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[Cheemchi Academy] Chopstick Lesson 2.1 : Japanese etiquette

Hello again and welcome to another chopstick lesson. Today we’re going to talk about Japanese chopstick etiquette ( more a fancy word for how not to be rude). The Japanese etiquette does also apply to the Chinese etiquette and the Korean etiquette but there are also some differences between them, but that is for another lesson.

So the Japanese chopsticks differ slightly from Chinese chopsticks and need to be more formally handled: don’t wander around with your chopsticks.

In Japan most of the time you have pickled vegetables (tsukemono) with your main dish. The tsukemono is usually served in a small dish or bowl and will often come with their own pair of serving chopsticks. Use them to transfer the tsukemono and not your chopsticks...

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Hello Kitty High Tea

On the 14th of April we existed for one year and because of that we wanted to celebrate with the people close to us. As we were thinking what we could do to celebrate, we decided to choose for something we wanted to do for a long time: Hello Kitty High tea! And then it was the 19th. We met up with everyone on the Hague station and made our way to SET Café.

The feel of the restaurant is like an authentic Japanese restaurant. Even Tsunacon took pictures like they were in Japan.
We had reserved a table for 11 people, but as one didn’t show up because of reasons we still had to pay for that missing person, so be careful!

IMG_0845 IMG_0844

On the table there were cute Hello Kitty mugs and bowls. It was sad they didn’t have any Hello Kitty chopsticks!

When you wanted service, you could press the service bell...

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[Cheemchi Academy] Chopsticks: Lesson 1

Hello! I’m starting with a new segment which is called the ‘Cheemchi Academy’. This is our first subject : Chopsticks.
Maybe you will think: chopsticks? Why chopsticks? Well, it’s that they are quite interesting and I can’t eat with them (seriously believe me, I have practiced for years and tried a lot. I got better than 2 years ago but still… and you saw my challenge with Steffie on CheemchiTV )

So here is our first lesson: History and sorts of chopsticks

The chopsticks were invented in ancient China. They were probably just for cooking and not for eating. Later it began to be used as eating utensils, because they were more friendly than other sharp eating utensils...

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