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Product Review: Lioele Pore Clean & Tightening pack

Hello again and welcome to the end of this series. If you missed the Massage gel and the Blackhead Clear, go check that out first~

The packaging

The packaging is also like the first two but colors a switched. I personally think it’s very smart becauseit is a sort of series of products to use and it is also good to use as a single product. You don’t have to use the other two product to use this. Also the illustration is another place than the nose so you can use it on your whole face. Like the other products, it has an English description on it. If you are a foreign user like me you can know how to use it without looking on the internet. Also the pot has a really cute detail which makes it more fun to use. The product also has a spoon to apply the mask without using your fingers.

Masker 1

The produ...

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Review: Petitfee Gold Eye Patch

Nicolette reviewed the Petitfee Gold Eye Patch product from Korean Connection!

We have a discountcode for you all that you can use!
The code is: cHeEmChI
You can use that code until November 21, that’s the day when you can find Korean Connection on Cheemchi Fair.

It is extremely sensitive, so just copy + paste it on their website.

Have fun!

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Product Review : Lioele Blackhead Clear

This is the second post in our product review series. If you missed the first one, Lioele Pore Opening Massage gel, please check out that post.

The packaging 

The packaging is almost the same as the gel, but now it contains more pink. Again, it’s very simple and a little bit boring. When the packaging is boring the product has to be good ( you don’t have to sell the product because of the looks). The tube is completly pink with on the front English text what the product does to your skin. On the packaging are the English intructions.

Black head clear 1

The product

It is a sort of a serum that you put on a tissue that will make a sort of mask for your nose. The first time I was using it, I thought okay.. It didn’t look like is was going to work. When I saw the result I was very surprised...

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Product Review : Lioele Pore Opening Massage gel

So this is a product review series of Lioele Pore cleaner. I have three products that will open my pores, clean my blackheads and clean en tightening my pores. Today we have the first product in line, which is the Pore Opening Massage gel.

The packaging 

The packaging is very simple and almost boring. But it’s a beauty product, so it doesn’t have to look good. The tube has the same style as the packaging. There is an English instruction on the package, so don’t throw that away! It’s very handy for foreign users like me and a lot of lioele has an English description on it.


The product

The product smells very nice. It smells like oranges, well the artifical smell but it smells good. When you put it on your fingers to apply, it doesn’t do anything and it feels very sticky...

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Review: I’m from Honey Mask

So today it’s the first day of SPAMTOBER!

We will explain more at the end of the post.

The ‘I’m from’ Honey mask is a face mask with real honey and they say it’s really good for your skin. I love to test products and I got this in my Sharla box from Wishtrend.

The product.IMG_0999

The box is really nice! It’s has a clean white box, but with a honeycomb pattern on it. You also get it with a spoon so you can apply it without using your fingers. The jar has more of an organic look. I also like the little bee as detail.


So I tried it and let me say. I don’t like honey and the product doesn’t smell that nice. It doesn’t smell like honey honey but that is my opinion because someone else really likes it. The product is also very sticky. But with the spoon it’s easier to apply...

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Game review: Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New world

Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New world
Developers: Namco Tales Studios
Publisher: Namco Bandai
Platforms: Wii & PlayStation 3
Genre: Role playing video game
Modes: Single-player & Multiplayer



The game starts in a small town of Sylvarant, Palmacosta. It’s caught in a crossfire between the Church of Martel and the Vanguard. Countless of innocent people die. The happenings on this day comes to be known as the „Blood Purge”. This same massacre was led by the same Lloyd Irving who helped the chosen of regeneration and united the worlds as one two years earlier. Emil Castagnier, A boy from Palmacosta, Sees how Lloyd kills his parents right in front of him. At that time Marta Lualdi is fleeing from the Vanguard wielding a gem called, Rattatosks core...

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Review: The butterflies-in-your-tummy candies

Have you been dreaming about romance and being loved? Have you ever wondered how it would be to be in love? How it would feel? Well.. Look no further!


With these instant butterfly-in-your-tummy candies even you can learn how to feel in love!

All this above sounds like one of those weird cheesy bullshit selling telsell programs! However, they say this candy can make you feel like you’re in love! From the light feeling in your head till the butterflies in your tummy, and ofcourse I couldn’t help to purchase and try out these weird sounding candies! Sadly I don’t know the Japanese name since it’s in japanese and I can’t quite read it, that’s why I made up the name myself! :D


The candies are packed really well. First you have a plastic bag with the picture of the cute animeboy underneath it...

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Special Edition Opening

Hey everyone!!

Sunday, I went to the second day of the opening of the new anime and manga shop in Dordrecht! They’re called “Special Edition”. Here you can see how it went/looked.


So when i arrived there were people standing outside, just hanging around. The front of the shop looks pretty neat. There is a lot of glass and the showing rooms were filled neat and nicely.


The atmosphere was nice and peaceful. The staff of the shop is nice and helps out where needed. You can choose from many different items and candies. They have Lolita clothes, a big manga wall, cold drinks, candies, figures and more. It’s a nice place to stroll around for your favorite manga’s.





20150809_142007 20150809_142125

At the end of the shop you have a door to the game room...

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Anime review: Mirai Nikki


Japanese name: Mirai Nikki

Translation: Future Diary
Episodes: 26 + OVA
Genre: Action, Psychological thriller, Suspense, Romance


The story is about Yukiteru Amano. A rather lonely boy who spends a lot of time on writing a diary on his phone and talking to his imaginary friends. One of them is Deus, The God of time and space. One day Deus decides to give Yukiteru a special diary. The next morning he woke up, he found out his diary was been written in advance. He didn’t believe it at first, but slowly he came to believe in it as everything that was written turned out to be happening! Deus then forces Yuki and 11 other participants with diaries to play a game of life and dead...

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Heartland Stories: Robocity

At Animecon, a few weeks back, I bought the comic book ‘Heartland Stories: Robocity’ at the stand of Dark Dragon Books. And the person next to that stand was none other than Marlon Teunissen herself!

11725063_10207533726527747_1338259599_o 11701515_10207533726167738_120598778_o

I have been following her work for a while now, and she made the chibis for our Crew page. She is one of my favorite artists around!

But back to Robocity, I absolutely loved the story.
It’s about Sophia, who’s stuck in the middle of the desert with her bike where she forgot to put gas in. Then she stumbles upon a door that leads to a city with robots. But when she wants to enter, she’s faced with a problem: there are no humans allowed! As she dresses up as a robot, she gets entrance to the city...

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