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Charlotte Reviews: BB Cream Shop

This week is another online shop review. Today it’s about the BB Cream Shop.
bb creamshop


The BB Cream Shop is actually an Dutch/Korean beauty shop.

The site is very neat and organized. All the product are very well described, it’s nice to see the products are described in Dutch as well.The package was wrapped with BB Cream Shop tape and it was very clean and neat. I also got a lot of samples which I love to get.




The shipping costs depends where you live. Besides that you have also a starters price and a maximum price.

Letterbox mail 

For the people who live in the Netherlands, the price begins at € 1,50. With every extra product you buy you have to pay € 0,50 more. The maximum price is € 3,85.
So for example I live in the Netherlands and I have 3 products I want to buy...

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Review: Gamasot

Today i’ll be reviewing a Korean restaurant called: Gamasot. 

So I’ve been visiting this place for a long time now. I’ve also been following them since the start of the shop. I remember having a talk with the owner when it didn’t open yet (a long time ago). My friend and I were kinda creeping around the shop, since it was Korean but we didn’t know what it was. So Mr. Choi (owner) invited us in and we had a small talk.


After it opened, I’ve went by several times, and i gotta say i LOVE the food! The food is fresh and made with love. You can choose several dishes, such as Ramyeon, kimchi Jeon, Bulgogi and much more! My favorite dish is the Bulgogi. It’s fresh and healthy. The meat is nicely grilled and the noodles aren’t overcooked, they’re just perfect!


The service is great as well...

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Review: The End – Miku Hatsune

Hii guys!

Last week (on Friday 5th of June) i went to ‘The End’, a Pop-Opera performance of Miku Hatsune herself! It wasn’t like a concert, it had a story and had a pretty deep meaning behind it. Of course the performance was made out of holograms, with sound/music by Keiichiro Shibuya. The whole event was hosted by Holland Festival.

The tickets.

When I arrived, I noticed there actually were quite a lot of cosplayers, which of course, was fun to see. However, when you expect the audience to be more young, there were a lot of older people as well! It kind of made me wonder why they would like to see such a performance, sadly i did not get that answer.
The schedule was really on time. The doors to the area around the theater itself opened on 7:15 PM...

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Charlotte Reviews: Wishtrend

Charlotte Reviews is back for this week and we are going to review a Korean make up site called Wishtrend!


Wishtrend has a nice and clean site. It’s easy to navigate. So I actually bought a box with the products, so I didn’t look up the product prices. I think they sell good products and they explain it really good with pictures and before and afters. There is a lot of information but just enough so there isn’t too much information about it. If you want beauty product, you could look up the products on there for the great information and for, of course, to buy the products.

Also I really like the box. Simple but still from Wishtrend.




You have three options.  Free shipping, which is the best (because it’s free), Registered Airmail, which depends where you live and wh...

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Tony Moly Super Peeling Liquid Review

Today’s Korean Product Review is… Tony Moly’s Super Peeling Liquid

Well, hello there. I’m a guest blogger and my name is Sofie. I’m also related to Muffy who you know as the queen of the internet web shops. I’m obsessed with buying things of Ebay and other web shops, but I was taught by the best. But getting to the point now.

Recently I tried a product which was a feet peeling. Normally I’m very sceptic about this kind of products cause whenever I try these they never seem to work or not work properly. How I think about this product will come later on in the review.

First of all I love Tony Moly, second I’m in love with Korean skincare products, I’m always quite fond of the quality and outcome whenever I use them...

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Charlotte Reviews: Oyatsu café

It’s been a while so I thought why not ? So here a review about a site that you may not know ^^ 


Oyastu cafe is a site where you can buy mostly Japanese snacks and some other products. The site doesn’t look that appealing but if you don’t look at the layout, then you see the huge amount of candy that they have for a cheap price. The website isn’t that well known but I think I really good site.



You have three options.  Japan Post Economy Airmail, the cheapest option,  which takes around the 2 – 4 weeks but with no insurance or tracking code. Japan Post Airmail, the second option,  which takes around  7 – 14 days with no insurance or tracking code. Then you have EMS Express Mail which takes around 3 – 5 days and with insurance and tracking code...

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Charlotte Reviews: Memebox website

This week I will be reviewing the Memebox site, as I promised in the last post. So here it is!

memebox site is a website that sells theme boxes with Korean products. Those boxes contain Korean makeup, skin care, brushes and more products from a different price ranges.

You have two sorts of boxes. You have the super boxes with full size products. Then you have the memebox with smaller size products. All boxes has it’s own theme.

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Charlotte Reviews: Memebox

This week I have a video for you about Memebox.
A Memebox contains Korean makeup, skin care, brushes and more products with various price ranges.

Review about their website is coming soon!

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Nom Nom Rotterdam – for all your bubble tea!

Even though this is an old video from 2014, we still want to share this with you because it’s part of the travel guide that we did together with Arashi Cosplay!

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Charlotte Reviews: Blippo

Hi guys it’s the princess of the internet shops (that is my nickname among my friends ) I have an other review for you!

I actually do this because I see a lot of questions about shops. Are they safe? Are they fast? and more questions like that.
Since I order a lot from the internet (you don’t want to know) I want to share my experience with you ! I hope you like my review and if you have another experience with this shop, (and in the future) leave something in the comment. I can give you some advise or I can change the review so we could warn other people in the future :D

So here is my review !

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