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Hallyucamp 2016


Hallyucamp 2016
Where: Paasheuvelgroep Austerlitz
When: July 29 – 31, 2016
Tickets: HERE
Eventpage: HERE

After two successful editions, Foundation Promotion Korean Culture (Hallyucon) is holding their third edition of Hallyucamp! It’s an annual event, created for young people with a passion for Korea (and ofcourse K-pop).

This year’s theme is Trainees. That means that there will be groups, and those groups haven’t ‘debuted’ yet. They can debute by taking part of their ‘training’ that exists of a gameshow, a dance workshop, capture the flag and more activities that will be revealed over time. And at the end, they will show everyone what they have learned by doing a performance!


I have been to the first edition of Hallyucamp myself two years back, when I was a part of Hallyucon and I can s...

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Cheemchi Fair

We have been talking about Cheemchi Fair on our facebookpage and on our Cheemchi Fair event page, but now we wanted to let you know all the information in this post!


The fair will be held at ‘Partycentrum De Lockhorst’ and it starts at 11:00 till 17:00.

There will be two lines: one for the people with tickets and the other without tickets. Once inside you will get a bracelet that gives you access to the fair!

The location will provide Korean food and from 1:00 pm, Airu Bubble tea will be selling bubbletea!

What you can expect in the main hall, is the market, a stage and Ani-Nation with a photobooth with hanboks and Korean games.

We also have a table with Cards Against Kpop and the nifty crafting table where you can make cute little paper hanboks, hosted by Hallyucon’s Anastacia and Elke...

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Chibi Hangout: the Halloween edition

Pauliene and Kaori went to the Chibi hangout once again. This time it  was time for the Halloween edition! A cute but well organized pre-halloween party!


This was the second official Chibi hangout. It was a blast! beside having fun with friends there were multiple things to do. The game room didn’t only have games from different consoles, they also added a cute DDR corner (only 1 player) where you could dance on various songs.

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Infinite in Berlin

As many of you might have known, Infinite was in Berlin on the 11th of October.

We were at the concert and you can read all about it here!

When we arrived at the Columbiahalle in Berlin, it looked rather small. There were 3 rows. CAT1, CAT2 and CAT3 were divided. This was easier to get in. At the entrance of the venue, there was a small check point to see if you carry any weapons or liquids. After passing through, you entered the halls. It was a rather small place and there were no chairs or whatsoever. In the left corner you had a bar and a place where you could get some food like Pretzels.

At the beginning, they were playing Infinite MV’s on a big screen. The concert itself started perfectly on time around 19:30 (7:30 PM).
Infinite was amazing...

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Cheemchi at Fan Base Project 2015

This post and video are long overdue and I blame my pc for not having any proper video editting programs..
BUT finally a video of Fan Base Project 2015!

It was awesome seeing a lot of familiar faces: Airu Bubble tea, Kelly-Ebony’s, Atelier World Citizen and lots more!
I hope to film some more in the near future because I love to edit and show things.

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Abunai Haul!

Last weekend was the Anime convention Abunai!

If you go to an Anime convention, you always have to spend some money. Although you didn’t bring any money or you didn’t want to spend that much, there are some people who don’t have that problem. Of all the years going to an anime convention I never spend that much. So that’s why I  amgoing to show what I bought to you and give a review about some of the stuff.

This time, I had some missions. As I have a lot of small figurines, I had the plan to buy bigger ones this time. Second mission: Since I’m such a Sailor Moon fan and I couldn’t read the manga further ( because of the weird parts in the chapters online, if you read it online you will know) I wanted to buy the manga. The last mission was Ramune curry...

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Chibi Hangout

On the second of August the first Chibi Hangout was happening in Rotterdam. We, of course, were there to see how it is.


The Chibi hangout is founded by 2 fellow cosplayers. They thought it was a nice idea to organize a hangout between the cons, since there isn’t much to do, except for the meetings. They decided to try and hold the hangout every 2 months from now on.

The first edition was a fine start. For a small price of 3,50 euro you had a lot of  qualities. They had a game room, a nerf room and places to draw, watch YouTube videos/anime, food and drinks and a small shop. Airu bubble tea was also on the scene, Formerly known as Nom Nom Bubble tea.
There were about 40 people in total, of course a lot of people came in cosplay...

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[Dutch] Fan Base Project 2015

Eerste editie Fan Base Project gaat de zomervakantie inluiden in De Broodfabriek in Rijswijk


Op zaterdag 11 juli vindt de eerste editie plaats van de nieuwe conventie Fan Base Project. De conventie zal geheel in het teken staan van comics, games, anime, sci-fi en meer!

De organisatie van Fan Base Project is in handen van Stichting Cultuur en Projecten, bekend van het organiseren van We Love Japan, KPOP FOREVER! en ¡Típicamente!. Door deze evenementen is het idee ontstaan om van deze mix een groter evenement te organiseren: Fan Base Project!

Voor bezoekers is Fan Base Project dé gelegenheid om met andere fans van comics, games, anime, sci-fi, Japanse en Koreaanse cultuur in contact te komen...

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Holland Festival with Hatsune Miku

The End
Keiichiro Shibuya + Hatsune Miku
Where: Nationale Opera & Ballet, Amstel 3, 1011 PN Amsterdam
When: June 4 – 5, 2015
Tickets: HERE

With 3D concerts sold out all over the world, more than two and a half million Facebook friends and a repertoire of more than 100,000 ‘user-released’ songs, Hatsune Miku is arguably the biggest pop star in Japan. Now she performs in The End, the first Vocaloid opera; an opera without orchestra or human singer, made up of 3D projections on multiple screens and electronic music.
The only performers on stage is the holographic animation Hatsune Miku, also a virtual animal figure, and – like any living being – Keiichiro Shibuya, a musician who is constantly looking to push musical boundaries.
Miku begins her journey with a question: “will I die?”. Because d...

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Japan Day Düsseldorf 2015

Japan Day Düsseldorf
Where: Throughout Düsseldorf
When: May 30, 2015

What is known as Japan Day has been taking place regularly in May or June in the state capital since 2002. Over the years, it has become a veritable highlight of the Düsseldorf event calendar. At the biggest German-Japanese festival of its kind, Japanese people living in Düsseldorf reveal the culture of their home country to visitors in diverse ways, and are intensively involved in shaping the festival. This is no wonder, given that there are around 8,200 Japanese citizens living in Düsseldorf and the surrounding area.

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