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Last minute Christmas nails!

Hi everyone!

Even though I don’t celebrate Christmas, I do like the holiday spirit around it. I sing along with the songs and I just happen to paint a Christmas tree on my nails. Oh, and some mistletoes. … Is mistletoe plural or..? I’m too lazy to look it up and I’m also too lazy to wait for my nails to fully dry before going to the next step…

Oops, sorry, I’m going way too fast. Anyways, let me show you how YOU can also put a Christmas tree and a few mistletoe(s?) on your nails! But remember, if you want to have these nails as well, you should not be rushing! So put on some Mariah Carey or Michael Bublé and get your tools ready, let’s paint our nails with some holiday spirit!

Nail polish
*Base coat (obviously)
*Fast drying top coat or your...

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Just some small talk

Hey everybody!

I’m kinda lacking of ideas at the moment, so I am just going to write! About life, just a little talk. So I’m really busy these days. Everyday there is a give away because it’s 12 days of cheemchi ( if you haven’t seen it go to our facebook page!).


Besides that, I still have work and schoolwork to do. A lot of Youtubers are doing vlogmas, which I really enjoy to watch. For me it’s like a Youtube advent calender with everyday a new video which I really enjoy watching! But with all the work I have to do I fell a little bit behind all those vlogmas-es. I understand how hard it is to post something everyday, so I really want to support them. So if you want to watch some fun vlogmas-es, go to mimei or sharla’s channel...

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12 day’s of Cheemchi

Hello everybody

Maybe you already noticed but we are having 12 days of cheemchi on our Facebook page. In these days we are doing a give away everyday! So check that out. We are posting a lot of new videos on our Youtube channel as well.

And today’s video is a Dear Santa inspired Makeup tutorial.

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14’s of the month in Korea

Today it’s the 14th of december which means it’s Hugday! But what do you on this day exactly? Well every month has it’s own special 14h day. So today we are going to talk about the 14th day and what you surpose to do on this day!

January 14th : Diary Day / Candle Day

Blank diaries are given as a gift among the couples and, ofcourse, friends. In the brand new journals, the anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions are recorded. Also, these journals are covered with Konglish phrases. Some also celebrate this day as Candle Day and give and recieve decorative candles.


February 14th: Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in South Korea much like it is in the West, except for one main difference. Only the women give the men ( or other friends ) chocolates.

March 14th: W...

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12 days of Cheemchi [Day 1]

On the first day of Cheemchi, we are gi-hi-ving away… ooone T-ARA album! /insert 12 days of Christmas song

Find all the info on our facebookpage!

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Cheemchi Academy: Special Lesson South Korea

We are here for a special lesson. This will not be a serie ( but if you like it please like it so we can do more history lessons).

So today we are going to talk about South Korea, the country itself. What do we know about it? We know that they have gorgeous boys and girls and amazing beauty products and spicy food. But I think you don’t know that much about the rest of South Korea. Because there is one person ( actually two, but he was the first ) who gave knowledge about Korea. And this is the Dutch man, Hendrik Hamel.


Hendrick Hamel was from Gorinchem (the Netherlands). In 1650 he sailed to the Dutch East Indies to find work with the Dutch East India Company (VOC). In 1653 they went to Japan.
Hamel and thirty-five other crewmates survived a deadly shipwreck on the Korean island of ...

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The real road to Cheemchi Fair

Hello everybody!

First I want to say,sorry for neglecting the blog and thank you for the support at the Cheemchi Fair!


We are very happy how it went and I want to tell you how it was for us to do this. Because this was the first time we did this! We didn’t have any experience. We went to a lot of conventions and sometimes we helped as gophers. So we did know something, but really not how those things go.  So we started to organise this summer. Most conventions have about 1 to 2 years to do this, but we did it in 5 months! It was really something we wanted to do and we had some spare time. After the vacation, we did all the things that needed to be done in our spare time. It was really hard work but I personally loved every second of it!


So we made a form to make the fair even better for...

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Birthday Giveaway!

So hey! As it is my birthday today, I am giving away 4 tickets!
So there will be 2 winners picked at random with Rafflecopter and they both each have two tickets and two bubbletea as well.

That’s right, we are also giving away 4 bubbleteas!

I will end the giveaway around 10 this evening.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Photo’s: Seasonal K-pop Meeting Fall Edition 2015

Pauliene & Nicolette (Kaori) have been to the Seasonal K-pop Meeting today! :D An event filled with K-pop and fun. You can meet up with old friends and make new ones! We had a lot of fun. We also went to get Yoyo! bubble tea with the special discount code, which was specifically for the visitors of SKM. Here are our pictures from the SKM Fall edition! (we didn’t take that much pictures, Sorry!)

If you wish to get a picture on Full size, please send a message to our Facebook page! :) 

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Cheemchi discovers Chubi [CheemchiTV]

Here is an unboxing video!
We are starting to love Molang, but we did say the name all wrong. Shame on us.

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