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Charlotte’s Manwha recommendations

Some of you know I read a lot of manga.

And I also read manhwa, which I prefer to read. So I decided to write about some manwha’s you maybe don’t know.

Family manFamilyman

This manwha is about a father (Gang-ho) who worked like a horse and slept only 3 hours a day to support his family. There was a fire at the workplace and he helped alot of his coworkers and got burned. He got fired from his work and he couldn’t show his face to his family anymore. He struggled a lot because he still wants to protect his family, so he decided to wear the costume of superhero, “Guru-man” to help his childeren. This manwha has a lot of drama in it and made me cry a bit. It’s really sad and also heartwarming to see how he is dealing with all the stuff. If you want to know how it’s ends click here.

Can’t see can’t h...

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Review: The butterflies-in-your-tummy candies

Have you been dreaming about romance and being loved? Have you ever wondered how it would be to be in love? How it would feel? Well.. Look no further!


With these instant butterfly-in-your-tummy candies even you can learn how to feel in love!

All this above sounds like one of those weird cheesy bullshit selling telsell programs! However, they say this candy can make you feel like you’re in love! From the light feeling in your head till the butterflies in your tummy, and ofcourse I couldn’t help to purchase and try out these weird sounding candies! Sadly I don’t know the Japanese name since it’s in japanese and I can’t quite read it, that’s why I made up the name myself! :D


The candies are packed really well. First you have a plastic bag with the picture of the cute animeboy underneath it...

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Cheemchi meets Youtube: Muffy’s favorite YouTubers

I showed you my favorite YouTubers from Japan and South-Korea, but I also love some other YouTubers. And I know it’s late but better late than never, YouTubers so here are some of my favorite YouTubers!


Dan & Phil

Danisnotonfire and the Amazingphil live in London and they make video’s about a lot of thing, but most times it’s about their crazy lives. I really love those two and their video’s. If they don’t make you laugh, then I don’t know what’s funny. These two ( especially one ) are actually my favorite YouTubers, besides all the Japanese YouTubers. But you should check them out!


Raedwulfgamer is (Obviously) a gamer. You have a lot of gamers, but I like him the most...

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Cheemchi Meets Youtube: Pauliene’s favorite Youtubers

You may or may not know, this month’s theme is about Youtube.
It will be about our personal favorite Youtubers/ Youtube channel, but we could only choose three.
So without further ado, here are three of mine!

The first Youtube channel that I like is Nerdy Nummies!


The channel is a nerdy-themed baked goods and is hosted by Rosanna Pansino (Ro) who loves to bake as a hobby.
Ro is an American baker, actress, and YouTube personality. She also released a single called ‘Perfect together’.
Every week she has a new recipe and a theme with it and explains how to bake and make it. Sometimes she has guests over such as Smosh and Rhett and Link. A while ago she even had Shigeru Miyamoto and Bill Trinen from Nintendo over to let them taste the treats and play some Mario Kart 8 with her!
I like to wat...

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Cheemchi meets Youtube: South-Korea

Last week, we gave you a few tips who to follow about Youtubers who are living in Japan. This week it’s about South-Korea! And to be honest I really don’t know that much South-Korea based Youtubers. I love Kpop and the country, but I love Japan longer then South Korea as maybe that’s the reason I love Japanese based bloggers more? But anyways here are some Youtubers ~ ( and writing this article with Kpop is not a very good idea especially watching some old live shows with extra stuff)

My Korean husband

Nichola and Hugh are a married couple, who are living in South-Korea. She is Australian and he is Korean. She grew in rural Australia, while Hugh grew up in rural South-Korea...

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Charlotte Reviews: Wishtrend

Charlotte Reviews is back for this week and we are going to review a Korean make up site called Wishtrend!


Wishtrend has a nice and clean site. It’s easy to navigate. So I actually bought a box with the products, so I didn’t look up the product prices. I think they sell good products and they explain it really good with pictures and before and afters. There is a lot of information but just enough so there isn’t too much information about it. If you want beauty product, you could look up the products on there for the great information and for, of course, to buy the products.

Also I really like the box. Simple but still from Wishtrend.




You have three options.  Free shipping, which is the best (because it’s free), Registered Airmail, which depends where you live and wh...

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It’s Cheemchi’s birthday!

Just before you know it, a year went by already!

Even though we started posting in English in February, it was in Dutch, exactly a year ago.

It all started when I knew Eat Your Kimchi was coming to the Netherlands again as I was working for Hallyucon. At that moment I started to form an idea about starting a blog where I could talk about Korean/Japanese restaurants, stores and the like in the Netherlands, but it turned out to be so much more. Even though I stopped for a while, I wanted to start all over again with someone by my side, that someone became Charlotte!


Old and new

10510183_10203068239165845_1879386504_n Poster-ideee

Since last year, besides a new member and the language, the logo has changed, we post three times a week (two posts about things and one event) and we have met a lot of awesome people.

As we already came this far, ...

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At Dutch Comic Con 2015

Dutch Comic Con was really awesome! It was above my expectations. It was really big and well organized for a convention this size and for it’s first time. I was cosplayed as Rapunzel, with my real hair that is extremely long, and my friend went as Kiki from Kiki’s delivery services.

So when we went inside, the first thing I saw was the Bat mobile. I was so excited because I’m a Batman fan. That was my first mission of the day.

Dating for Geeks, a comic that is in the Dutch newspaper ‘Metro’, was at the con, so I stood in line for an autograph and a drawing. That was my second mission and my last mission was to spend money. Well I also succeed that one.

Let’s talk more about the convention

DCC was divided in three parts...

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Arashi and Cheemchi’s big adventure in: ROTTERDAM!

I always wanted to do something together with Arashi cosplay where she was filming for her own channel, and that I could write something for my blog, so we decided together to go to Rotterdam, but with one goal: Look for Asian shops and restaurants!

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Interview with Atelier World Citizen

As I am crazy about cosplay, but not that skilled, I decided to commission a costume at an atelier.

I stumbled across Selma and Mariska of Atelier World Citizen and I was not disappointed!
Besides making cosplay,they have a name for their own collection of clothing called “Gojira”.

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