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A new beginning

Hi everyone and welcome to the new and improved Cheemchi!
It may seem not a lot has changed on the design of the blog itself but behind the scenes, some things did change!

The first thing that has changed is that we have a new member! You will be seeing her on our YouTube channel and on events where we will be walking around.

If you are curious who that mysterious person is, her name is Charlotte!!
Take it away, Charlotte:
‘Hi ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, aliens and other amazing creatures.
As you know my name is Charlotte but you can call me Muffy ^^ I’m 20 years old and I’m in love with Korea and Japan.
I’m a K-pop fan for 6 years and I watched anime for 7 years, but I am also really into the culture and food so you will see some more of that on Cheemchi.
I’m really happy to do ...

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