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Anime review: Tales of Symphonia The Animation: Tethe’alla-hen


There are two worlds, knowing nothing of each other. In order for one world to flourish the other one will perish. In the perished world a chosen must go on a journey. The journey of world generation. The chosen has to overcome many obstacles and ends up at the tower of salvation. Once the chosen becomes an angel, which brings many hardships with it along the way, the flow will be changed and the once perished world will be flourished.

1280x720-VeO The magnificent chosen of Tethe'alla, Zelos Wilder!
The magnificent chosen of Tethe’alla, Zelos Wilder!

Colette brunel is in this story the chosen of regeneration, as it’s called. She’s from Sylvarant, the name of the perishing world. She now has traveled the Sylvaranti world and Is in a pre-angel mode...

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Abunai Haul!

Last weekend was the Anime convention Abunai!

If you go to an Anime convention, you always have to spend some money. Although you didn’t bring any money or you didn’t want to spend that much, there are some people who don’t have that problem. Of all the years going to an anime convention I never spend that much. So that’s why I  amgoing to show what I bought to you and give a review about some of the stuff.

This time, I had some missions. As I have a lot of small figurines, I had the plan to buy bigger ones this time. Second mission: Since I’m such a Sailor Moon fan and I couldn’t read the manga further ( because of the weird parts in the chapters online, if you read it online you will know) I wanted to buy the manga. The last mission was Ramune curry...

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Review: The butterflies-in-your-tummy candies

Have you been dreaming about romance and being loved? Have you ever wondered how it would be to be in love? How it would feel? Well.. Look no further!


With these instant butterfly-in-your-tummy candies even you can learn how to feel in love!

All this above sounds like one of those weird cheesy bullshit selling telsell programs! However, they say this candy can make you feel like you’re in love! From the light feeling in your head till the butterflies in your tummy, and ofcourse I couldn’t help to purchase and try out these weird sounding candies! Sadly I don’t know the Japanese name since it’s in japanese and I can’t quite read it, that’s why I made up the name myself! :D


The candies are packed really well. First you have a plastic bag with the picture of the cute animeboy underneath it...

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Anime review: Mirai Nikki


Japanese name: Mirai Nikki

Translation: Future Diary
Episodes: 26 + OVA
Genre: Action, Psychological thriller, Suspense, Romance


The story is about Yukiteru Amano. A rather lonely boy who spends a lot of time on writing a diary on his phone and talking to his imaginary friends. One of them is Deus, The God of time and space. One day Deus decides to give Yukiteru a special diary. The next morning he woke up, he found out his diary was been written in advance. He didn’t believe it at first, but slowly he came to believe in it as everything that was written turned out to be happening! Deus then forces Yuki and 11 other participants with diaries to play a game of life and dead...

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