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Interview with Cherry Pie Maid Café!

I have seen Cherry Pie Maid Café in action for a while now, from where they began till now. So it was time to interview their manager, Sky, to find out more about Cherry Pie Maid Café!
Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Esmée, although I prefer to go by Sky, and among other things, I’m the manager of Cherry Pie Maid Café!

How did you come to the idea to start a maidcafé?

I visited other cafés at conventions and I absolutely loved it. The whole experience really inspired me to take the concept and try to take it to the next level. I had a lot of ideas, and when a friend suggested I should start my own café I thought; why not?

What makes this maid cafe different from other cafés? (Besides having cute and original outfits)

Based on simply facts, I believe we’re currently th...

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Hello Kitty High Tea

On the 14th of April we existed for one year and because of that we wanted to celebrate with the people close to us. As we were thinking what we could do to celebrate, we decided to choose for something we wanted to do for a long time: Hello Kitty High tea! And then it was the 19th. We met up with everyone on the Hague station and made our way to SET Café.

The feel of the restaurant is like an authentic Japanese restaurant. Even Tsunacon took pictures like they were in Japan.
We had reserved a table for 11 people, but as one didn’t show up because of reasons we still had to pay for that missing person, so be careful!

IMG_0845 IMG_0844

On the table there were cute Hello Kitty mugs and bowls. It was sad they didn’t have any Hello Kitty chopsticks!

When you wanted service, you could press the service bell...

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PAC-MAN Nail Art Tutorial

Hi there! I’m Anastacia, a friend of the people of Cheemchi here. Just passing through with a nail art tutorial. I often do my nails as a creative outlet, but also to just relax (nothing beats inhaling all those nail polish fumes, amirite? Just kidding, of course).

But no worries, we’re starting off fairly beginner level.



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Charlotte Reviews: Memebox

This week I have a video for you about Memebox.
A Memebox contains Korean makeup, skin care, brushes and more products with various price ranges.

Review about their website is coming soon!

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Nom Nom Rotterdam – for all your bubble tea!

Even though this is an old video from 2014, we still want to share this with you because it’s part of the travel guide that we did together with Arashi Cosplay!

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Charlotte Reviews: Blippo

Hi guys it’s the princess of the internet shops (that is my nickname among my friends ) I have an other review for you!

I actually do this because I see a lot of questions about shops. Are they safe? Are they fast? and more questions like that.
Since I order a lot from the internet (you don’t want to know) I want to share my experience with you ! I hope you like my review and if you have another experience with this shop, (and in the future) leave something in the comment. I can give you some advise or I can change the review so we could warn other people in the future :D

So here is my review !

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