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SET x Honey Garden Christmas Event Review!

Yesterday, the 19th of December 2015, I went to Arnhem to attend the SET x Honey Garden Christmas Event together with my boyfriend.

When we stood infront of the little shop SET for Wish, where they held their event, I saw A LOT of people I know! It was pretty nice to see them all again! That’s where we also saw Esmée and her girlfriend and we decided to share a table, as we noticed it was only possible to sit with 4 at one table. That was not a problem at all, as Head maid Faeyla has put us together already.

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It was a bit cramped, but we managed to sit down and we were given a menu card where we could choose what to drink.
There were a lot of hot and cold matcha drinks,calpis drinks, but also soft drinks.

Voedsel collage

The menu on the other side was easy to follow and choose from as there were two sid...

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Special Edition Opening

Hey everyone!!

Sunday, I went to the second day of the opening of the new anime and manga shop in Dordrecht! They’re called “Special Edition”. Here you can see how it went/looked.


So when i arrived there were people standing outside, just hanging around. The front of the shop looks pretty neat. There is a lot of glass and the showing rooms were filled neat and nicely.


The atmosphere was nice and peaceful. The staff of the shop is nice and helps out where needed. You can choose from many different items and candies. They have Lolita clothes, a big manga wall, cold drinks, candies, figures and more. It’s a nice place to stroll around for your favorite manga’s.





20150809_142007 20150809_142125

At the end of the shop you have a door to the game room...

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Review: The End – Miku Hatsune

Hii guys!

Last week (on Friday 5th of June) i went to ‘The End’, a Pop-Opera performance of Miku Hatsune herself! It wasn’t like a concert, it had a story and had a pretty deep meaning behind it. Of course the performance was made out of holograms, with sound/music by Keiichiro Shibuya. The whole event was hosted by Holland Festival.

The tickets.

When I arrived, I noticed there actually were quite a lot of cosplayers, which of course, was fun to see. However, when you expect the audience to be more young, there were a lot of older people as well! It kind of made me wonder why they would like to see such a performance, sadly i did not get that answer.
The schedule was really on time. The doors to the area around the theater itself opened on 7:15 PM...

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Japan Day Düsseldorf 2015

Japan Day Düsseldorf
Where: Throughout Düsseldorf
When: May 30, 2015

What is known as Japan Day has been taking place regularly in May or June in the state capital since 2002. Over the years, it has become a veritable highlight of the Düsseldorf event calendar. At the biggest German-Japanese festival of its kind, Japanese people living in Düsseldorf reveal the culture of their home country to visitors in diverse ways, and are intensively involved in shaping the festival. This is no wonder, given that there are around 8,200 Japanese citizens living in Düsseldorf and the surrounding area.

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Elfia 2015

Have you ever wanted to walk around in a magical world?

Lovers of fantasy, manga, Gothic, history and science fiction come together and have fun in the most beautiful costumes during Elfia around the Castle de Haar.

With a spectacular battle, parades, performances of medieval music groups, theater, all kinds of workshops and lectures you have two full days to wander around and take it all in.
The theme of this year is Game of Thrones. Have your photograph by HBO on the Iron Throne or come to the lecture and book signing by Josef Altin (Pypar).

The tickets can be ordered online until the 24th of april 2015 through www.elfia.com; they are sold in the 400 Primera shops and kiosks* (www.primera.nl) or can be bought at the cash registers of the castle during the Elf Fantasy Fair.

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