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#Cositivity | Interview met Linny L’a Vante

Onze Interview van deze week is met Linny L’a Vante! Ze is al jaren actief met het maken van prachtige kostuums en is sinds kort ook aan de slag gegaan met cosplay. Ook is ze, net als wij, van de Cospositivity, dus konden we deze kans niet laten liggen om haar te interviewen!

Phillostar Gone Ballistic 2 1024
Foto door Phillostar Gone Ballistic

Wie ben jij en wat doe je in het dagelijks leven?

Mijn naam is Linny en in het dagelijks leven heb ik een fulltime baan op een chemisch laboratorium.

Wanneer ben je begonnen met cosplay?
Cosplay zelf is voor mij nog relatief nieuw. In 2014 hoorde ik er voor het eerst van en in 2015 heb ik mijn eerst Cosplay gemaakt. Maar ik ben al sinds 2008 actief in het maken van Original Costumes.

Wat was jouw allereerste cosplay?
Mijn allereerste Cosplay was een Genderbend Hades van de Disne...

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Heartland Stories: Robocity

At Animecon, a few weeks back, I bought the comic book ‘Heartland Stories: Robocity’ at the stand of Dark Dragon Books. And the person next to that stand was none other than Marlon Teunissen herself!

11725063_10207533726527747_1338259599_o 11701515_10207533726167738_120598778_o

I have been following her work for a while now, and she made the chibis for our Crew page. She is one of my favorite artists around!

But back to Robocity, I absolutely loved the story.
It’s about Sophia, who’s stuck in the middle of the desert with her bike where she forgot to put gas in. Then she stumbles upon a door that leads to a city with robots. But when she wants to enter, she’s faced with a problem: there are no humans allowed! As she dresses up as a robot, she gets entrance to the city...

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Cosplay Corner – Son of Ferron aka Nightfall

Hi everyone!

So, it’s time for another awesome Cosplayer in the Cosplay corner! Meet Ferron, An extremely talented and motivated fantasy cosplayer!

Thorin Oakenshield (Captured by Thranduil, Desolation of Smaug)
Photographer: Tessa Phillipa/ Shersock cosplay

Who are you and what is your cosplay page?
I am Ferron, and I am obsessed with costumes and cosplay/Thorin Oakenshield. My cosplay page is is Son of ferron aka Nightfall on Facebook, twitter, instagram and Tumblr.

How did you find out about the existence of Cosplay?
I was in college and my friends actually let me experience those moments by dragging me along to some of the cons, and I enjoyed it very much. Ever since then I always looked things up and kept searching for costumes and cosplays.

When did you decide to cosplay yourse...

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Elfia 2015

Have you ever wanted to walk around in a magical world?

Lovers of fantasy, manga, Gothic, history and science fiction come together and have fun in the most beautiful costumes during Elfia around the Castle de Haar.

With a spectacular battle, parades, performances of medieval music groups, theater, all kinds of workshops and lectures you have two full days to wander around and take it all in.
The theme of this year is Game of Thrones. Have your photograph by HBO on the Iron Throne or come to the lecture and book signing by Josef Altin (Pypar).

The tickets can be ordered online until the 24th of april 2015 through; they are sold in the 400 Primera shops and kiosks* ( or can be bought at the cash registers of the castle during the Elf Fantasy Fair.

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